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Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of EBJ

Pronghorn Double

Frank Puckett

Antelope archery hunting is typically an action packed hunt. I have always hunted pronghorns with secondary priority following earlier archery elk hunts. I have family who lives in eastern Montana, so antelope hunting is easily arranged on several ranches in the area.

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Home Run Ram

Lance Ready

My quest for a mountain sheep started at a junior high track meet in late May. During the meet I was speaking to a neighbor of mine, and he asked me if I had checked online to see if I had drawn a sheep tag. I told him I hadn't, but I was sure I hadn't drawn because I only had six preference points for the unit and only one archery tag was available.

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A Wealth of Information by James Knief

A Wealth of Information

James Knief

The year started off just like many previous. I started applying for premium big game tags in every state imaginable. When it was all said and done, I had applied for 34 hunts in the western United States. As I waited patiently, two great things happened. My wife, Erin, gave birth to our daughter, Hailey.

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Gray Ghost Craze

Josh Boyd

There was no time to waste. I needed to get moving! I fumbled with my release, while I threw my binoculars and rangefinder around my neck. Heading up the hill at a jog, my heart rate climbed and steadied as I worked into a rhythm. If I was going to get a shot at this buck, I needed to see the route he was taking to bed.

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