High Noon Encounter

By Paul Navarre

Paul NavarrePaul Navarre
Arizona, 2009, DIY, Public Land

From my high vantage point, I couldn’t see a single field of corn, sorghum, alfalfa, wheat, or beans - not even a food plot - and I doubted that any of these conditions existed within hundreds of miles. What vegetation I could identify was cat’s claw brush, mesquite trees, barrel and prickly pear cactus, various grasses, and other forms of thorn brush. It seemed like a strange environment to hunt whitetails.

It was mid January and I had just moved my tent camp from a hunting area northeast of Tucson to just 25 miles north of the Mexican border. While I had seen four good bucks during my five-day stay, the previous area of open country with parallel grass-covered ridges and valleys and scattered mesquite trees was not very bowhunter friendly.

Three years previous, I had harvested my first Coues’ buck, just a forky but a “gray ghost” nonetheless. A mature buck may field dress less than 100 pounds. The Pope and Young minimum score is 65, so a 100-inch buck is quite a trophy, especially with bow and arrow. The Arizona state archery record is 124 P&Y; the World Record is 130-1/8.

Paul Navarre

For a full account of Paul's adventure, go to page 26 in the May/June 2009 issue of Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal.