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Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of EBJ

A Nine-Year Wait by Rock Schardine

A Nine-Year Wait

Rock Schardine

After waiting nine long years to draw a coveted southern Utah archery deer tag, I was ecstatic to finally have one in hand. I spent the entire summer planning, scouting, networking, and shooting my bow everyday, and felt confident about the hunt.

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Home Field Advantage

Brian Barney

I had coyoted the herd for a couple hours up above treeline, and now we were dropping off into some bedding timber. A stiff wind in my face, I felt I had this bull. Being 40 pounds lighter from dropping my pack, I was now in stealth mode creeping in close. My rangefinder read 35 yards as he raked his rack on a sapling right in front of me; I just needed him to turn. He let out a bone-chilling bugle as he turned and trotted broadside. Already at full draw, I mouthed a cow call, then another much louder. As he chased one of his cows around the side of the hill, he paid no attention to my calls. I was forced to let down.

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Second Chances

Jeff Schlachter

In early September, two of my hunting buddies, Nick Schlachter and Kyle Stelter, and I headed to the prairies of southern Alberta with archery gear in search of big, elusive mule deer. I had fared well on the previous year’s journey, arrowing both a 78-inch antelope and a 185 typical mule deer.

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Blacktail Obsession

Chris Stone

Throughout the last ten years, I have dedicated myself to being more of a hardcore archery hunter whose rifle has collected a lot of dust. I love archery hunting and all the challenges it presents me in the field and on the range. Along with my obsession for archery hunting, my obsession for hunting trophy blacktails has grown to a level of near psychotic craziness.

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Leaving the Honey Hole Behind

Cory Gilchriest

Ever had one of those spots? You know, the fishing hole that seems to always produce the big one or the duck blind that never seems to fail regardless of how “bluebird” the day is? Perhaps it’s the tree stand that you shot your biggest whitetail out of or that one drainage that always has the gagger mulie. It’s the proverbial Honey Hole. Regardless of the game pursued, every sportsman has that spot.

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Triple the Luck

Brandon Wicks

One ordinary day in the first week of July, I received a call from my good friend, Dusty Zundel. He asked if I was sitting down. What could it be? A million thoughts quickly ran through my head and then he told me he had just received a call from the Utah DWR and they had informed him that he was an alternate for a limited entry archery elk tag.

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Hanging in for the Shot

Cliff Skaggs

It was the first of May 2008 and my good friend, Ben Geiger, called me with a huge request. He asked, “Hey, Cliff; can you hook me up with a good outfitter for grizzly and black bear?”

I told Ben that I had a great contact in Alaska who has produced some outstanding grizzlies in the past. I called an old friend, Rick Stickle, owner of Sugarloaf Packing and Outfitting, Inc. in Healy, Alaska to see if he had any openings. “I have the 12th through the 25th open,” he said.

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Lucky Leftover

Jake Blair

In June of 2008, I was living in Missouri and enjoying hunting deer and turkey, with no idea what kind of opportunity was about to come my way. It was then that I received a phone call from a friend who had just gotten a job managing a ranch in Colorado. He was looking to hire a ranch hand and offered me the job. After a couple of days of thought, I decided to accept the offer.

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It Only Takes One

Isaac Augedahl

“How in the world are we going to get within bow range of that buck,” we thought as we looked at the bedded antelope buck. My dad, my younger brother Ivan, and I had just spotted this buck in a seemingly unapproachable position in the middle of a wide, mile-long draw. Previously, I had only taken one other antelope buck, with a rifle, since moving to Wyoming. It looked as though that would be the ideal method for this hunt as well.

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