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Sep/Oct 2009 Issue of EBJ

Decisions, Decisions... by Jason Hegg

Decisions, Decisions...

Jason Hegg

The trail to my glassing spot was imprinted in my mind, so no headlamp or GPS was needed. The heavy rain that had come in last night was continuing to soak the ground, and large softball sized clumps of mud came flying off my boots as I slipped down the trail. I thought about turning around after a mile or so, partly because I was cold and soaked, but also because the slick mud was slowing down my time. I had to get there before first light so any elk in the area wouldn’t see my approach.

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Reaping What You Sow by Spencer Nicholl

Reaping What You Sow

Spencer Nicholl

My 2008 archery deer season actually started in December 2007. That fall had been unusually dry and the elk and deer were still a long way from their winter range. In the area around Gunnison, Colorado that I call home, there can sometimes be 15-20 miles between summer range and traditional winter ranges. Since most of the fall had been warm and dry, I was still seeing elk and deer up near timberline through November.

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38 Days and 18 Years for a Moose by Steve Niedzielski

38 Days and 18 Years for a Moose

Steve Niedzielski

I love bush planes. The simple fact that they are usually the only way to access the truly remote places that I like to hunt makes them fundamentally appealing to me. As much as I love their abilities and what they stand for, they make me sick. On this adventure, I would forego the 12 minutes of sightseeing I am usually afforded before becoming ill. I doubled up on my usual dose of Dramamine, a drug whose intended effectiveness is questionable, but has a truly effective side benefit of causing major drowsiness. I was able to sleep for the entire twohour flight to base camp.

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Backyard Bulls by Kyle Bone

Backyard Bulls

Kyle Bone

This hunt began years before the 2008 season. When we were kids, we would travel with Dad on the many hunting adventures he went on. Not many big bucks or bulls were harvested, but many memories were created. That’s what hunting should be about - family.

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Thirsty for Mulies by Logun Rasmussen

Thirsty for Mulies

Logun Rasmussen

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, with the sun shining, a cool breeze, and a nice view of the sweat on my brother’s back. We had hiked for two miles and gained 2,200 vertical feet up into some of the steepest country we have been in. We both realized quickly that we hadn’t adequately predicted the stress that the altitude would take on our bodies.

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A View from Above by Tyler Henderson

A View from Above

Tyler Henderson

As the gray of the early morning darkness gave way to the light of a new day, I was thankful I had packed an extra layer of clothes. I was slightly chilled from the morning hike to my tree stand that overlooked an active wallow.

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A Dose of Positive Thinking by Matt Palmquist

A Dose of Positive Thinking

Matt Palmquist

“Where is he?” I thought as I sat patiently waiting behind my Montana buck decoy. I had spotted the lone pronghorn on the back of the ridge with his head down feeding, allowing me to set up unnoticed. The buck had been close, but he also could be long gone....

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A Dream Come True by Dustin Robben

A Dream Come True

Dustin Robben

Like most of you who religiously read Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, I am addicted to hunting, specifically bowhunting. In the past four years, I’ve taken up backpacking for my bowhunting trips. Blacktail deer and bear are my intended quarry. I also enjoy sharing this experience with several close friends who accompany me on DIY hunts in our home state of California.

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Just a Matter of Showing Up by Jerry Simmons

Just a Matter of Showing Up

Jerry Simmons

The adrenaline and excitement that was so prevalent at the beginning of my hunt had dwindled away and so far what I thought would be a slam dunk was falling far short of my expectations. In three days of searching for elk, I had only managed to find a lone raghorn bull and two other elk so far away I could barely tell they were elk.

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