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Jan/Feb 2010 Issue of EBJ

Twilight Encounter by Lucas Zemlicka

Twilight Encounter

Lucas Zemlicka

The massive bull pushed a cow through the steep draw at only 50 yards, and it took everything I had to keep my composure. I was going through the whole shot process in my mind over and over as the bull approached, making sure I didn’t make a mistake. He then stopped broadside, looking my direction, and let out an ear piercing bugle that raised the hair on my neck.

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Ruby Mountain Madness by Scott Faiman

Ruby Mountain Madness

Scott Faiman

It was well past noon as we sat and contemplated our next move. The relentless high desert heat had both of us questioning our sanity. August bowhunting in the Ruby Mountains is a never ending balancing act of hunting, fitness, and survival. It’s about as raw as it gets - there aren’t any ground blinds or alfalfa fields, and hiking 6-12 miles per day at 10,000 feet is the norm if you want to find quality deer and escape crowds.

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An Incredible Year by Russell Cunningham

An Incredible Year

Russell Cunningham

In a way, this hunt started back in 1995, when Phil Treadwell and I were roommates at Texas Tech and roping partners for the rodeo team. We not only had roping in common, but we also were both very enthusiastic hunters. Our dream was to do a DIY, public land archery elk hunt in New Mexico. That was over a decade ago, but we talked about it every year since.

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Quest For An Archery Dall's Ram by Jonah Stewart

Quest For An Archery Dall's Ram

Jonah Stewart

My quest for an archery Dall’s ram began at the young age of 15 while on a backpack hunt with my father. After two long days in the alders, we finally reached our intended basin. Not only did we find a big ram, but he was also joined by twelve other rams, two easily exceeding the 40-inch mark! It was a band of rams that would make any sheep hunter drool.

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An Unexpected Encounter by Mike Tanner

An Unexpected Encounter

Mike Tanner

I normally pass time at camp shooting my bow while my son is chasing squirrels with his. However, this time I had decided to take a quick cat nap; in seconds I was sawing logs.

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One Last Look by Cody Williams

One Last Look

Cody Williams

I glanced at my brother, Chad, and a great friend, Pat, as they huddled deeper into the protection of the blind. We were trying to stay warm under the cold, rainy and thundering skies when I asked, “Are you ready to call it quits for the day?”

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Fourth Time's A Charm by Cory Gilchriest

Fourth Time's A Charm

Cory Gilchriest

For the first time in nine years, the elk tag I had been lucky enough to keep drawing finally went to someone else. I would not be in my favorite drainages in September chasing big bulls.

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Pack It Up, Pack It In, and Pack It Out by Jeremy Schaad

Pack It Up, Pack It In, and Pack It Out

Jeremy Schaad

At 4:30 a.m., my watch alarm does its duty. After a cold but rapid effort to get into my camo, I am making breakfast. September mornings are chilling in the Wyoming high country. My compact stove screams in the predawn hour to quickly boil a cup of water. As I pour the steaming water into my dehydrated scrambled eggs and bacon, I see the stayfresh pack rise to the top of the eggs. What am I, new?

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Quiet As A River by Travis Hobbs

Quiet As A River

Travis Hobbs

The first time I saw this buck, his narrow spread and balanced rack had me thinking he was only in the 160 range. Like many other deer I had seen on scouting trips so far he just “wasn’t my buck,” I thought. Looking back now, it makes me ill to think that I was actually going to pass up this deer.

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Ask Eastmans' Q&A

I saw one of your shows where you were using a handheld water filtration system. Could you please tell me which one exactly you use? I have been looking for one and with all the choices out there, I’m overloaded.

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