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Mar/Apr 2010 Issue of EBJ

A Year of Sleepless Nights by Kevin Jensen

A Year of Sleepless Nights

Kevin Jensen

Opening day of the 2008 Utah general season archery hunt found me hunting an area where I had located a couple of shooter bucks earlier in the year. After battling freezing temperatures and gusting winds for the first half of the day, I decided to check an area where two good bucks had come into my trail camera a few days earlier.

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Down to the Wire by Zachary Hastie

Down to the Wire

Zachary Hastie

It was the second day of my 2009 archery bull elk hunt in northeast Nevada. I was hunting with my dad, Mike, and my friend, Bryant. We had been patiently waiting by a waterhole we had scouted since early July. It was approaching late afternoon and we hadn’t seen anything all day, except for the flies and ants that were constantly annoying us as we would take turns catnapping.

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An Unforgettable Experience by Shane Weston

An Unforgettable Experience

Shane Weston

The closer we got to our destination, the more the excitement grew. We were once again taking ourselves out of everyday life and entering a world we have both come to love, appreciate, and look forward to each year. It was the eve of the 2009 Wyoming general deer season.

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Was It Worth It? Yes! by Todd Kreitzer

Was It Worth It? Yes!

Todd Kreitzer

The last time I had a branch-antlered elk tag, I was 17 - that was 23 years ago. For 23 years, I have been hoping and dreaming of drawing a limited entry bull elk tag in my home state of Utah.

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A Newfound Passion by Lisa Endicott

A Newfound Passion

Lisa Endicott

Opening morning of the Wyoming antelope bow season had finally arrived. Uncle Perry (a cameraman for Eastmans’) and I headed out in the dark to find a good vantage point where we could set up and glass for a big buck.

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Living Among Them In A Colorado Wilderness by Roy Grace

Living Among Them In A Colorado Wilderness

Roy Grace

I couldn’t believe how energized I felt as we crested the last alpine ridge before descending into the remote wilderness bowl; a place we would call home for the next ten to twelve days. All the months I spent running and preparing for this backpack hunt were paying dividends, as fatigue was not a factor after the multi-mile hike in.

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A Good Read by Larry Wengert

A Good Read

Larry Wengert

Being an avid hunter and believing it is our God-given right to partake of the outdoors for food or just the enjoyment of the outdoors itself, I am always happy to draw any tag and be in pursuit. To me, being successful is just being able to be in the great outdoors; harvesting any game is the blessing.

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Eye to Eye Bruins by Brian Barney

Eye to Eye Bruins

Brian Barney

After hours of sitting and watching, I finally spotted a jet black bear coming out of nowhere. He was a good boar with a pumpkin for a head, and was headed out to feed on the neon green ramps that make up the foothills of the mountains in spring.

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