A Newfound Passion

By Lisa Endicott

A Newfound PassionLisa Endicott
Wyoming, 2008, DIY, Public Land

Opening morning of the Wyoming antelope bow season had finally arrived. Uncle Perry (a cameraman for Eastmans’) and I headed out in the dark to find a good vantage point where we could set up and glass for a big buck.

As daylight broke over the dusty prairie, we began to pick out the white forms of antelope scattered over the desolate Wyoming landscape. This region of Wyoming was chosen for the character of layout of the land. The small rolling hills, larger hills and the occasional deep dry wash make this area perfect for a spotand- stalk antelope hunter. With fewer large open flats than some bordering units, this area is great for sneaking up on an unsuspecting antelope buck with a bow.

The subtle contour of the terrain made it possible for antelope to completely disappear and then pop up out of nowhere, giving us plenty of opportunity, but some surprises here and there. We would be glassing along and suddenly, “BAM”, there they would be cresting over the top of an unnoticed ridge or wash. The rolling hills and dry washes made for incredible hiding places.

The first day brought many stalks and plenty of opportunities, but no success. I was constantly being busted by bucks, mostly because I was pushing the envelope and moving too aggressively. I learned quickly that I needed to be very patient and learn when and where to stay put. A few times we got busted by the wind, but not very often. Perry and I were extremely careful and getting better at keeping the stiff Wyoming wind in our faces.

Days two and three turned out much the same way; busted stalks and plenty of action. We actually managed to get within 30 yards of a couple of smaller bucks, but they weren’t quite what we were looking for; not yet anyway.

On the evening of the fourth day, Guy Eastman took us into one of his “top secret” honey holes. Wouldn’t you know it, we glassed a magnificent buck and several other decent bucks tucked away in a far valley in the center of the unit. Perry and I decided to take the hunt to the bucks and set up our trusty Double Bull ground blind on the waterhole in the bottom of the valley for the next morning’s hunt.

A Newfound Passion

For a full account of Lisa's adventure, go to page 28 in the March/April 2010 issue of Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal.