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May/Jun 2010 Issue of EBJ

The Birthday Bull by Rick Stinson

The Birthday Bull

Rick Stinson

Dad and I were perched high on the hillside when we saw the 6x7 bull for the first time. The sight of the majestic giant was overwhelming considering it was the largest living elk we’d ever seen. From our elevated position, we watched him masterfully control his harem and fend off another large bull.

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Ain't Nothin' Too Tall by Jared Bloomgren

Ain't Nothin' Too Tall

Jared Bloomgren

It was Friday, September 28 as I finished the final touches of packing my external frame pack with all the necessary gear and food for the next two weeks of hunting in the high country. Anticipation was running on high as I stuffed everything I could into my pack.

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Kodiak Island Challenge by Ed Fanchin

Kodiak Island Challenge

Ed Fanchin

When I started bowhunting over 20 years ago, Chuck Adams was in his prime. Adams was bowhunting Sitka blacktail deer on Kodiak Island every year and writing stories about his adventures. The magazine articles intrigued me.

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Living with the 'Lopes by Kurt Landwehr

Living with the 'Lopes

Kurt Landwehr

What a fun and defining hunt this was. Good company, unbelievable scenery, and hordes of antelope running wild set the stage for a hunting experience I won’t soon forget.

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Game Plan by Justin Davis

Game Plan

Justin Davis

Having drawn a few decent tags, I was excited about my upcoming fall hunting season. However, after a rain and storm-filled archery antelope season that left a lot to be desired, I decided to switch gears and go after elk. This didn’t seem to be going much better;

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Trust Him by Craig Steele

Trust Him

Craig Steele

One summer while scouting I found the biggest typical desert mule deer I had ever seen. This buck had tremendous mass and occupied a lot of my thoughts for many months to come.

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A Little Luck by Mike Logan

A Little Luck

Mike Logan

Sometimes it is interesting to step back and look at the string of events that lead up to a successful hunt. The genesis of this hunt was April 2008 at an Arizona Hunter’s Safety Course in Kingman, Arizona. My partner Clark Weeks and I had flown from Nashville to Las Vegas, rented a car, and drove down to Kingman for the all-day course.

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Archery Grand Slam Ram #38 by Greg Bokash

Archery Grand Slam Ram #38

Greg Bokash

In early fall of 2008, I received a phone call from a friend letting me know that there was a cancelation moose hunt available. Being the sucker I am for hunting and good deals, I was on the plane the next day headed for Fairbanks, Alaska.

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The Size of the Hunt by Jeremy Ley

The Size of the Hunt

Jeremy Ley

Eighteen bulls, 80 cows and a long way from any road or trailhead, this basin materialized from dream to reality between gaps in the fog one misty morning in late July. My predilection of picking good scouting partners had paid off.

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Staying Persistent by Branden VanDyken

Staying Persistent

Branden VanDyken

The 2008 season had been a special one for me - I had taken my largest bull to date with my bow. I wasn’t expecting the same kind of luck again, so imagine my surprise when my brother, Kyle, called and told me I had drawn a mule deer tag. Then he told me he was just joking, and then he said that was a joke and that I really had drawn a tag!

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Last Light Bull by Heather Calder

Last Light Bull

Heather Calder

After years of being unsuccessful in the Utah draws and getting anxious to make it happen, I decided to switch my strategy and apply for a unit that was easier to draw. Amazingly, it worked! With tag in hand, I immediately did whatever I could to up my odds of success.

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