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Jul/Aug 2010 Issue of EBJ

A Second Chance by Zach Shetler

A Second Chance

Zach Shetler

Scouting trips in early August for trophy mule deer in Idaho are hot, long, and most of the time, less than exciting. That is until you finally find that ONE that you have been looking for.

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Hooked On High Altitude by Kiviok Hight

Hooked On High Altitude

Kiviok Hight

We’ve all had moments in our life that have changed us forever. Climbing out of a couloir feeling like I narrowly escaped death or severe injury while mountain goat hunting was one of mine. I was trying to make a descent through a narrow vertical chute when the rocks under me gave out.

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Something Bigger in Store by Ryan Werner

Something Bigger in Store

Ryan Werner

I had a feeling this hunt was going to be the hunt of my life. I had all of the right tools - a great hunting spot, an amazing bow, awesome hunting partners, and years of experience that had brought me to this sacred ground.

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Worth the Risk by Billy Jensen

Worth the Risk

Billy Jensen

Now at full draw, I am completely focused on placing the pin precisely where I want the broadhead to make impact. I slowly apply pressure to the release and the arrow is in flight. The results are beautiful - multiple arrows with broadheads have flown true and are well placed on the target.

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September Shiras by Mike Magalsky

September Shiras

Mike Magalsky

The aspen leaves shivered and the September breeze cooled my damp face. Within a dozen yards, the giant bull moose stood facing away from me, nipping leaves from an aspen sapling. His black belly, full of the day’s forage, bulged beyond his ribs. His bed of matted grass was just to my left and only a small aspen separated us. Gripping my bow with arrow nocked, I waited.

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Nothing Time and Bowhunting Won't Heal by Isaac Augedahl

Nothing Time and Bowhunting Won't Heal

Isaac Augedahl

My brother had just moved to where I live in Cody, Wyoming and we were anxiously awaiting a chance to get in the mountains. It was January and cabin fever had set in. We couldn’t take it any longer so we decided to go on a short hike and explore new territory, despite the -10 degree weather.

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Desert Obsession by Ernie Banuelos

Desert Obsession

Ernie Banuelos

My favorite time of the year had finally arrived - January in the Arizona desert. To me, it means only one thing, and that is the desert mule deer rut.

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Long Distance Elk Hunt by Paul Moschler

Long Distance Elk Hunt

Paul Moschler

As a kid growing up on a farm in Virginia, elk hunting the West was just a dream. I read countless outdoor magazines and especially enjoyed the articles of western hunters going on adventures in the Rockies. I once read an article about a man going trout fishing somewhere near the Continental Divide.

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