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Nov/Dec 2010 Issue of EBJ

A Second Chance Worth Taking by Matt Palmquist

A Second Chance Worth Taking

Matt Palmquist

Nov/Dec 2010 EBJ (Issue 62) - Darkness was fast approaching as I glassed in search of the big mulie buck. I had learned about the buck from a local farmer, who simply said, “He has lots of points; too many to count.”

Many miles and gallons of gas have been consumed chasing tips like this, and usually they end with nothing to show for it. Ghost hunts of the past were running through my mind as I glassed the mahogany sea of milo.

I noticed a deer walking through a stubble field to the east, and as soon as I found it in the glass, I knew it was the deer I was searching for. I scrambled to get the spotter on him as he lumbered across the field and barely caught a glimpse as he disappeared over the horizon, but it was enough to know he was very massive and fit the farmer’s description.

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Runnin' Down The Man by Greg Eckley

Runnin' Down The Man

Greg Eckley

Morning came with much cooler temperatures than in previous days. Starry skies were infinite over the frost-covered ground and bugles sounded in distant darkness. We could hardly contain our anticipation for the day’s hunt.

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A Monday Morning Meeting With A Twist by Brad Anderson

A Monday Morning Meeting With A Twist

Brad Anderson

This story doesn’t start like the typical hunting story. I was sitting at my desk on Monday morning after the opening weekend, wallowing in self pity because I wasn’t out hunting. Due to work obligations, I was only able to hunt for three hours opening morning.

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Another Lesson Learned by Jason Hegg

Another Lesson Learned

Jason Hegg

The first few days of my 2009 fall archery season had been quite a challenge. Not only was I searching for nocturnal elk due to unusually hot September temperatures, but hunting pressure in the area had already tied the tongues of the bulls.

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You Can't Win If You Don't Play by Willi Schmidt

You Can't Win If You Don't Play

Willi Schmidt

As I made my move to get into the final position, my left foot nudged a pinecone and I stared in disbelief as it rolled toward the ram. Could this whole ordeal become unraveled by one little pinecone? Fortunately the ram didn’t appear to pay much attention to it.

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Living On The Edge by Brian Barney

Living On The Edge

Brian Barney

I calmed myself as I slipped into range of the two bucks, one of which was a giant typical. I’d been on a solo hunt in Colorado for a few days and had pushed hard for over 40 miles - and to the top of five different 13,000-foot peaks. I spent the first two days in the middle of the largest wilderness area in my unit. I never saw a single deer, so I relocated to a different wilderness.

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A Big Billy And One Pair Of Ruined Wool Socks by Dallas Cranford

A Big Billy And One Pair Of Ruined Wool Socks

Dallas Cranford

Archery hunting mountain goats is risky business to say the least, but what an adventure. That’s what it’s called, if you live through it - an adventure!

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Against All Odds by Corey Jacobsen

Against All Odds

Corey Jacobsen

I’ve become accustomed to driving fast during hunting season. Whether scrambling out of town on our way to hunting camp or racing to be the first ones at the trailhead on a morning hunt, the accelerator always seems to get a good workout in September.

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A Great Start To The New Year by John Love

A Great Start To The New Year

John Love

When I think about hunting, it’s probably the weather that starts to define my emotional connection with each memory. Is it cold and crisp? Is it filled with the scent of trees and plants?

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The End Of The Season... FOREVER? by Michael Sherman

The End Of The Season... FOREVER?

Michael Sherman

Imagine sitting in your favorite glassing spot, treestand or waterfowl honeyhole, watching the sun set on the last day of the season, knowing that you’ll never have the opportunity to enjoy it again.

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