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Jan/Feb 2011 Issue of EBJ

A Year to Remember by Zach Bowhay

A Year to Remember

Zach Bowhay

As the bugling bull appeared, I couldn’t believe my eyes - he was a beautiful six-point that I figured was in the 320 class. I had an opening, ranged it at 33 yards, and he was headed right for it. He stepped through the clearing and I cow-called, but he took one step too many, leaving me no shot. He whirled to run, so I cow-called and stopped him in a very small shooting window. As I released, I watched in frustration as my arrow deflected off a branch and landed harmlessly at his feet.

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Mass, Mass and More.... Mass by Chris Stone

Mass, Mass and More.... Mass

Chris Stone

After three straight days in the stand, one of the most impressive blacktail bucks I had ever seen was carefully closing to within 15 yards. It was almost as though the rest of the world was in pause mode. By the way this bruiser acted, it seemed he was in charge of Mother Nature and everything around him.

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The Bull of No Tell 'Em Creek by August Barany

The Bull of No Tell 'Em Creek

August Barany

This epic story starts the same way many legendary hunting stories do - I didn’t draw a dream tag. However, I live in the dream state of Montana, where over-thecounter opportunities abound. After training all summer by climbing mountains, scouting for sign, shooting my bow, and reassuring my family that I would be much more available after hunting season, I knew this would be a great year.

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Mr. Predictable by Joe Lewis

Mr. Predictable

Joe Lewis

Mountain bucks - the old knobbyhorned, sway-backed, gray-faced bruisers – make their way into the dreams of hunters with regularity. They stand on jagged alpine ridges, holding their antlers skylined while squinting into oncoming mountain storms. They fill their bellies with tender flora all through the day; and they lie under whitebark pine trees with their heavy-antlered heads bobbing in midday slumber.

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Lucky & Irish by Weldon Flaharty

Lucky & Irish

Weldon Flaharty

It was a busy day at work back in summer of 2006, but I found time to make a quick check on the Colorado Division of Wildlife website for moose draw results. I wasn’t surprised when I read “unsuccessful”. I only had three weighted preference points going into the draw, and there were approximately 3800 moose hunting applicants with three or more points competing for about 170 available licenses.

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The Consolation Bull by Jason Stafford

The Consolation Bull

Jason Stafford

Jan/Feb 2011 EBJ (Issue 63) - Taking in the magnificent Wyoming sunset, I was a little puzzled and worried about the lack of bull elk I was seeing from my favorite spotting knob. In years past I was able to sit on this knob and glass dozens of bulls, but not tonight. Just before dark I caught movement by a pond in the bottom of the valley. At first glimpse, I thought it was a black bear; however, as my Swarovski binoculars came into focus, I counted seven wolves getting a drink from the pond. It is becoming a common theme across the West. The wolves move in, while the elk vacate their favorite valleys.

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Coming Full Circle by Caleb Barclay

Coming Full Circle

Caleb Barclay

After nearly four months of workouts and shooting sessions, I felt my body was ready for the rugged extremes waiting for me on the Continental Divide. Beyond the physical preparation, my confidence was bolstered by the lessons learned from numerous failed attempts on mule deer stalks in years prior.

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No Excuses by Craig Steele

No Excuses

Craig Steele

I have been blessed to live in a state that has some of the biggest elk in the world. Every year I have heard the stories and seen the pictures of the monster bulls hitting the dirt. After having a few archery permits in my home state, I found myself making excuses as to why the big one always got away. This year was going to be different; this year was going to be the one; this year was the year I would have no excuses!

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Natural Instinct by Trey Marriott

Natural Instinct

Trey Marriott

My first big game hunt began on August 12, 2010 with my papa, John Evasovic. We headed out to my area with a Limited Nevada Resident Junior Deer tag to see what we could find. We hunted for two days and saw some nice bucks. We even made a stalk on them but never got close enough to take a shot.

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