Natural Instinct

By Trey Marriott
Nevada, 2010, DIY, Public Land
Natural InstinctJan/Feb 2011 EBJ (Issue 63) - My first big game hunt began on August 12, 2010 with my papa, John Evasovic. We headed out to my area with a Limited Nevada Resident Junior Deer tag to see what we could find. We hunted for two days and saw some nice bucks. We even made a stalk on them but never got close enough to take a shot.

After the two days, my grandpa and I met up with my step-dad, Gary Smith. We decided to go check out a few different spots to see what we could find. We found six other bucks and decided to make a stalk on them. It was exciting, and I was able to get close enough to shoot, but I missed and the bucks ran off down the hill. At this point it was getting late, so we went back to camp with plans to try again the next morning.

We got up early and started glassing for deer. We soon spotted some bucks and one was a true beauty. I decided he was the one I wanted to go after. As we walked down the hill, we found a three-point, a spike, and a forked horn. They were all bedded down so we patiently waited.

The first to stand up was the forked horn and I was 28 yards from him. They all ran up the hill, so we were back to square one and trying to get close to them again.

We walked back around the hill and walked directly down on the deer. We were within range of where they were bedded down when the three-point stood up and fed toward us. I was going to take a shot at him, but decided to wait until I had a better chance.

At this point the forked horn stood up and then bedded down again. I waited patiently and then a big 4x4 stood up! I drew my bow quickly and let the arrow fly. I watched my arrow hit him, heard the sound, and knew it was a good shot. Being pretty excited, I stood up and started hollering, “I hit him! I hit him!”

My step-dad said, “Trey, sit down! We need to be quiet, so we don’t scare him. He hasn’t died yet.”

We looked down the draw and saw him lying in the trail. We watched carefully and very quietly just in case I was going to have to put another arrow in him.

As we were walking down and around the hill, I stepped on a rock. It began rolling down the hill toward him, but he didn’t move. I knew then that he was done and that I had really done it! I walked up to my deer, grabbed the antlers, and shouted, “I got him!”

We rough scored my deer at 179 – a pretty good first buck! I will remember this hunt forever, because it was my first big game tag and I was able to go hunting with Papa John and my step-dad, Gary. This was a hunt of a lifetime.

Trey Marriott