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Mar/Apr 2011 Issue of EBJ

Relentless by Travis Holmes


Travis Holmes

Mar/Apr 2011 EBJ (Issue 64) - June 1 is “opening day” for me; that’s my first official day of scouting. I look forward to that day just about as much as the real opening day when I get to pack my bow and let some arrows fly. I found a couple of great bucks in 2009 and watched them all summer. I also hunted them for 24 days straight, but never even got the chance to nock an arrow. It was a frustrating year, to say the least. All winter I kept my fingers crossed they would come back and summer in the same place, but three weeks into June I still couldn’t find them. On June 21, I found myself sitting on top of a canyon I hadn’t hunted in ten years. I had been glassing about an hour and all I could find was elk.

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After School Adventure by Marcus Hockett

After School Adventure

Marcus Hockett

Three years ago, I decided I needed to step it up a notch and get away from other hunters, back into more remote areas. Completely oblivious to what lay before me, I planned a backpacking trip into a remote location. I had chosen the location because of stories I had heard from a family friend, telling of encounters with massive bulls many years ago.

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A Very Rare Mulie by Rob Balser

A Very Rare Mulie

Rob Balser

I was highly anticipating my 2010 hunting season. We had hunted deer the previous season and encountered a lot of younger bucks in the area and were really excited to draw deer in Wyoming again, knowing the bucks had grown a year older and that much bigger.

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A Change in Plans by Maurice Foye

A Change in Plans

Maurice Foye

The temperature broke 80 degrees that afternoon and sweat was pouring off me. I didn’t mind because I was trying to achieve something few people get a chance at in Colorado - tagging out on a 370-class public land DIY bull. I had everything in my favor - the wind was still, the trail I was on kept me hidden, and as I crept up to the big 8x10, he started raking a clump of gamble oak. Perfect.

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The Plan Buck by Justin McLaughlin

The Plan Buck

Justin McLaughlin

As I ran down the dirt road to my pickup, I felt as if I could have given the late track star Steve Prefontaine a run for his money. My mind was racing even faster, trying to register what had just taken place. It was now 11:15 a.m. and two hours prior I was sitting on a hillside glassing two unapproachable bedded bucks lying near the top of an open side draw over 500 yards away.

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All Along the River by Kris Killorn

All Along the River

Kris Killorn

I saw my breath as I woke up on the Missouri that October - even in the camper it was cold. I remembered how I got myself here, reflecting on a season that had not yet passed. It all began in July when I was on the phone with my friend Jim and learned that I had drawn a coveted Montana sheep tag. After all the elation and panic had subsided, I was left with some major planning.

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Timing is Everything by Roger Sanford

Timing is Everything

Roger Sanford

The still of the night was broken by the bugle of an elk not far away. I couldn’t tell how big he was by his bugle, but I knew that opening morning of the Washington State archery elk season started in ten hours. It was hard to sleep that night, as the constant bugling and rushes of adrenaline awakened my senses.

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In Hunting, Luck is Earned by Micah Clyde

In Hunting, Luck is Earned

Micah Clyde

Morning after morning as I came strolling into work a little later than normal, my coworkers would ask where I went. “Same place,” I would reply, always trying to be as vague as possible.

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Only Time Would Tell by Bob Wilson

Only Time Would Tell

Bob Wilson

The month of May dragged by as I anxiously awaited draw results for the upcoming New Mexico 2010 archery elk season. My pulse quickened as I read, “Congratulations, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is notifying you that you were successful in drawing a 2010-2011 license.”

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Deer Diligence by Bill Crowley

Deer Diligence

Bill Crowley

After waiting five years to finally draw a coveted archery deer tag in far western Colorado, my journey began. I didn’t know very much about the area, as this was the first time that I had ever gotten a chance to hunt it, but I was ready. I knew that if I was going to be successful, I would have to put in some quality time scouting and that’s why I started in early July. My first scouting weekend ended without finding a single deer, and as I drove home that night, I was discouraged and disappointed.

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Hardcore Field Test

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KV by Adam Bender

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KV

As dedicated bowhunters, leaving as little to chance as possible is part of our mantra. It’s an absolute must when you’re hitting the trailhead with a bow in your hand and a tag in your pocket. You have to be able to trust your gear and know it will work at crunch time, because simply put, you’ve got too much time and effort into the hunt for any other result.

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Successful Trophy Hunter

The Big Six by Greg Puffe

The Big Six

Greg Puffe

It was another hot August day and the sweat was running down my back and the sun was beating on my face - I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the last 20 days. From loosing my glasses to seeing the buck of my dreams, to loosing my range finder to messing up stalks on big bucks, I’d done it all. Oh, and I have to mention my bow falling just the right way and cracking a limb. Still, I was having the time of my life, elk hunting was around the corner and I had to go set up camp with my son, Zach, not only needing a little break from the deer hunting, but I needed some new hunting equipment. 

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