Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KV

By Adam Bender
Adam BenderAs dedicated bowhunters, leaving as little to chance as possible is part of our mantra. It’s an absolute must when you’re hitting the trailhead with a bow in your hand and a tag in your pocket. You have to be able to trust your gear and know it will work at crunch time, because simply put, you’ve got too much time and effort into the hunt for any other result.

When it comes to arrows, Carbon Express can help with that. They are one company staying ahead of the game when it comes to arrows and arrow technology.
For 2011, Carbon Express has stayed true to form and released an impressive lineup of arrows. Headlining them is the brand new Maxima Hunter KV. This arrow was built to revolutionize the industry, yet again, and from we can tell, they’ve succeeded.

The Maxima has been one of the most popular arrows on the market since they debuted in 2005, by filling the gap between high-priced and affordable arrows yet maintaining high quality. The new Maxima Hunter KV takes the regular Maxima platform and ups the ante when it comes to strength. Made with a layer of Kevlar (five times stronger than steel), this arrow offers hunters unsurpassed strength, durability, and outstanding penetration.

The technology doesn’t stop there – Carbon Express has also utilized their patented Dual Spine Weight Forward™ technology to aid in rapid recovery and guidance control. It also allows for a better transfer of energy from the bow to the arrow and makes the arrow recover faster and spin sooner. The BuffTuff® Plus Diamond carbon weave construction ensures excellent strength and durability for enhanced arrow life.

Technology aside, where this arrow shines is when you actually use it. In a blind test, eight world-class archers shot the new Maxima with Dual Spine Weight Forward vs. non-DSWF and the results spoke for themselves. With the new Maxima, a 40% tighter grouping was achieved at 40 yards...with a broadhead!

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KV
Intrigued, I went to the local range and started the testing. With a brand new bow setup, I was stacking them up in a group about the size of a golf ball at 20 yards less than twenty arrows later.

One thing I’ve noticed from shooting over the years is that it seems like I always have one or maybe two arrows stuck in the target a little differently than the rest. The top might be kicked out or the left/right might be off a bit, but this always seems like the norm. After shooting these new Maxima Hunter KVs, the impact angles of these arrows were nearly mirror images of each other – a fact that would support the thought behind the Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. Once the arrow leaves the bow, it quickly recovers, giving you the truest flight possible.

After the range tests, I went home and took out my Block for some broadhead scrutiny. This would be where I’d make my determination about what the pro shooter said was in fact a possibility. After 20 arrows, I can’t do the math and say that my groups were 40% better, but I can say it was one of the best practice sessions with broadheads I’ve ever had. The groups were amazingly consistent and arrow flight dependably straight.

In this archer’s opinion, Carbon Express has again raised the bar with the Maxima Hunter KV. From what I’ve seen, they’re the real deal. I’ll be eager to use them this fall, because I know when a shot opportunity presents itself, I’ll have the confidence I need in my arrow setup to make it happen.

Overall design: The technology and materials behind this arrow make it one of the best.
Durability: A tough arrow that can take some punishment.
Appearance: Very sharp-looking arrow. I like the camo pattern on these arrows and the gold BullDog™ nock collars give them a cool look.
Improvements: I did notice that when shooting into some 3D targets, these arrows were hard to pull. I’ve seen this with prior Maximas as well. The camo film on the arrows causes a lot of friction and can make them hard to pull.
Cost/Contact: MSRP $184.95/dozen. Visit for more information.