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Jul/Aug 2011 Issue of EBJ

Elk Hunting Sabbatical by Nick Peretti

Elk Hunting Sabbatical

Nick Peretti

July/August 2011 EBJ (Issue 66) - The anticipation was killing me as I checked and re-checked the math. It should be a sure thing, but I needed desperately to hear the words. I walked into the academic advisor’s office at Montana State University and he stated, "Well Nick, I’ve added up all your credits and you are set to graduate a semester early. You’ll be done after next fall.” I quickly shot back, "I’m taking the fall off, and I’ll finish in the spring.” "It sounds like you knew this all along. Do you have any exciting plans for the fall?” he asked. "Oh yeah, I’ve got plans; big plans...” On the drive home, hunting districts, draw odds, equipment, and the sheer possibilities ahead of me seemed to be flowing out of my ears. On the drive home, hunting districts, draw odds, equipment, and the sheer possibilities ahead of me seemed to be flowing out of my ears.

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Killer Cousins by Koll Fretz

Killer Cousins

Koll Fretz

There’s something to be said for having a reliable hunting partner. My cousin, Evan Fretz, and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we did this archery season without each other’s help and dedication.  Our hunts began with some serious scouting efforts, as they always do. Where we planned to spend our upcoming season is a physically demanding area. Evan and I had put more than 100 miles on our boots, in this one region, by the time we got the last deer to the freezer. 

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Change of Venue by John Schrunk

Change of Venue

John Schrunk

Growing up on the west side of Oregon meant learning how to elk hunt in some pretty nasty brush, often in overcrowded conditions. Many of my elk hunting plans involved more dodging people than hunting elk in prime country. With some creative tactics though, I figured out how to satisfy my obsession, find some tucked-away spots, and put a few bulls on the ground. 

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Try and Try Again by Francis Cameron

Try and Try Again

Francis Cameron

I wondered how long Tommy could carry the rocks I stowed in the bottom of his pack. Not just rocks, more like boulders, buried under his socks. We were now eight miles into the one of the meanest wilderness areas of the West. 

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Calling the Way to Success by Cody Moulton

Calling the Way to Success

Cody Moulton

As my brother and I geared up and bought all the supplies we needed for our wilderness elk hunt, the anticipation and overwhelming excitement emerged into high gear. All packed and loaded, we were finally headed to the trailhead and looking forward to the day’s ride in and to set up camp. We were hoping to get everything set up before dark so we could get up to a vantage point and do a little calling and glassing before our morning hunt. 

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Have Bow, Will Travel by Jason Yates

Have Bow, Will Travel

Jason Yates

If you’re anything like me, you’re not very effective at work the day before a hunt, and this particular Friday afternoon was no different. It was a beautiful September day and I couldn’t wait to get back out to Colorado.  I watched the minutes tick by and rushed home to pick up Dallin, my six-year-old son. We quickly loaded up, told my wife and other kids goodbye, and headed out the door - it was 7 p.m. when we left our home in Lehi, Utah. 

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Over the Limit by Jon Lindsey

Over the Limit

Jon Lindsey

It was one of those mornings you dream of all year long; the one where the canyons and valleys are filled with the echoes of bugling wapiti. It was September 21 and the rut was in full swing. Just one ridge over I heard a large bull screaming. Other bulls would add to the chorus, looking to join the local symphony. I sat tight for a few minutes to see if the bull would come my way, keeping quiet for now. 

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Spot and Stalk to the 10th Degree by Dain Barnett

Spot and Stalk to the 10th Degree

Dain Barnett

Southeastern Colorado is a place where brush, grass, and dry-land farms transform into metaphorical jungles where even the largest wildlife can seemingly disappear into nothingness in the blink of an eye. Rolling hills are few, the occasional tree can be spotted from time to time, and the flatness of the earth fades away into the horizon.

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The Trifecta by Willi Schmidt

The Trifecta

Willi Schmidt

Three bulls in three states, on do-it-yourself, public land archery hunts. Would that be possible? To top it off, I had yet to harvest a bull elk with my bow! For the first time ever, I had drawn elk tags for the Missouri Breaks in Montana and New Mexico, plus I had my annual Colorado elk hunt. 

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Hardcore Field Test

Spot Hogg Hogg-It by Adam Bender

Spot Hogg Hogg-It

As a habitual ruffian on equipment, I’m not always looking for the coolest or most technologically advanced…I just want it to work. From sights to arrows and releases to string material, I need to know that it’s going to work at crunch time.

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