Calling the Way to Success

By Cody Moulton
Wyoming, 2010, DIY, Public Land
Calling the Way to SuccessJuly/August 2011 EBJ (Issue 66) - As my brother and I geared up and bought all the supplies we needed for our wilderness elk hunt, the anticipation and overwhelming excitement emerged into high gear. All packed and loaded, we were finally headed to the trailhead and looking forward to the day’s ride in and to set up camp. We were hoping to get everything set up before dark so we could get up to a vantage point and do a little calling and glassing before our morning hunt.

Everything went according to plan; we had camp set up with about an hour of daylight left. We got to our first vantage point and had spotted a few small bulls and some cows before dark - nothing that I was after – but this was just enough to get us both excited for the next morning. We unsaddled and fed the horses, grabbed a quick dinner and jumped into bed, forcing ourselves to sleep while awaiting our morning hunt.

We woke up to an unexpected but exciting skiff of snow, with the temperature dropping about 30 degrees from the previous days; we couldn’t have asked for better hunting conditions.

We grabbed some breakfast burritos and hot coffee, gathered our gear and wrangled up the horses for the day. Everything was soon saddled and ready to go.

We decided to stay close to the ridgeline and work our way down, but were careful to not silhouette ourselves. We bugled down every canyon we came upon, but our early morning was off to a slow start.

Since we never had a single bull bugle back at us, we decided to ride over to the other side and give it a try. Just before we crested the top to look over the burnt lodgepole timber, I threw out a bugle. Immediately, a bull screamed back at us. By the sounds of it, this bull was no more than 200 yards away. Our adrenaline shot through the roof and we slowly backed up to tie our horses. We decided not to call back to him yet; instead, we crept down into the timber and moved into position.

Cody Moulton

For a full account of Cody's adventure, go to page 26 in the July/August 2011 issue of Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal.