Spot Hogg Hogg-It

By Adam Bender

Spot Hogg Hogg-ItAs a habitual ruffian on equipment, I’m not always looking for the coolest or most technologically advanced…I just want it to work. From sights to arrows and releases to string material, I need to know that it’s going to work at crunch time.

This past year, I was in the market for a new sight. My first "expensive” bowsight was a Spot Hogg Right On and I used that sight since 2005 with no complaints, but it was time to step it up a notch. I carefully researched the latest on the shelves and when I was reminded of Spot Hogg’s slogan, "The World’s Toughest Archery Products,” I decided stick with Spot Hogg and the new Hogg-It quickly found its way to my setup.

It wasn’t the top-of-the-line sight everyone was raving about at the time, nor the one that filled the pages of advertising in all the bowhunting magazines, but the reviews I did hear/read where nothing short of fantastic. So, I equipped mine with the Seven Deadly Pins and a Hogg Wrap, and let me tell you, this thing means business.

Features are one thing that this sight doesn’t lack. The second and third-level axis adjustments are key and a must-have to cover your entire range of shooting. Also, individually micro-adjustable bulletproof pins just make sense – no matter how much indirect abuse you put them through, your fibers will be protected and glowing during that moment of truth.

Spot Hogg Hogg-It

A feature commonly overlooked by many is the no-clamp gang adjustment. Instead of fumbling with knobs and slides, simply turn the Allen wrench on the proper adjustment and you’re done. Gone are the days of holding the sight cage to ensure you don’t loosen it too much and have it slip – a mistake many of us have made more than once.

Let’s also not forget about the solid 6061 aluminum construction. Some have argued the Hogg-It is "big and bulky”, but my question for them would be, "Maybe, but do you understand why?” Perhaps it would be more accurate to say it’s "beefy.” I use that as a term of endearment, because I know that when I put this sight on my bow, it is going to take some serious punishment to make it fail.

When I gave it a test run, it didn’t disappoint. I’ve been shooting it all summer and can honestly say that it’s the best pin sight I’ve owned. A good friend of mine owned the Hunter Hogg-It and I always envied his ability to be so comfortable shooting longer distances. Now, with the Hogg-It on my bow and all the hours I’ve spent behind it, things are looking good for the home team this fall.

Hardcore Field Test Notes

Overall Design: Well thought out and caters to the needs of a serious bowhunter, especially Western bowhunters who put on the miles.

Appearance: Don't let the simple appearance fool you; this sight can do it all.

Durability: Second to none.

Improvements: While it's micro-adjustable, the pin's extremely fine adjustments can be tricky.

Cost/Contact: MSRP $288 for the 7-pin with Hogg Wrap. Visit for more information.