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Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of EBJ

The Second Time Around by David Long

The Second Time Around

David Long

September/October 2011 EBJ (Issue 67) - Mentally drained and physically exhausted, I sat there in disbelief. To say I was bummed would be a gross understatement! The swing of emotions in such a short span of time was simply unbelievable. Only moments earlier, Nate Simmons had the camera rolling and I had a huge rush of adrenaline as I was about to come to full draw on the unsuspecting buck, which was only 37 yards directly below me.

Instead of exchanging high-fives in celebration of our great accomplishment, we now both found ourselves sitting there, not saying a single word, as we watched the buck scoot across the basin in what looked like some sort of an attempt to break a land speed record. Seconds later, the only remaining signs of the buck were the small clouds of dust he left in his wake. It was just another typical day of hunting high country mulies.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time archery hunting mulies in the backcountry has undoubtedly felt the same wide range of emotions I was feeling at that moment. One minute you are high on an unbelievable adrenaline rush, the next you feel as if you just watched your favorite dog get run over by a truck!

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The Hoarse Bull by Kyle Kinzer

The Hoarse Bull

Kyle Kinzer

I started off the season with great expectations of arrowing a trophy mule deer. I had just graduated college, and for once, I had adequate time to seek out a bruiser mulie. Of course, in hunting, things rarely turn out as expected. 

"A 6x7,” I thought to myself. My thoughts remained preoccupied with a big velvet buck I had missed the previous week in the Colorado high country. I love hunting mule deer with a bow, and as I trudged up the trail behind my older brother, Jeff, in the early morning light, my thoughts remained on that deer. It was the eighth and final day of our September backcountry elk hunt in New Mexico, and I wondered if I should have stayed in Colorado.

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The General Giants by Travis Nowotny

The General Giants

Travis Nowotny

After countless days of scouting, it was finally opening day of the Idaho archery season and Rick set out to harvest a respectable 3x4 he had seen numerous times before.

As pre-dawn faded and legal light came about, we spotted the buck feeding high on the hillside. We decided he would circle down the ridge and angle in from above the buck and I would hold tight and use hand signals to help guide him in, if the buck had moved from where he was browsing.

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Goin' Solo by Mark Rea

Goin' Solo

Mark Rea

Everything was in place at last - the pre-hunt planning was done, the food and gear was checked, and everything was loaded in my truck. I was getting excited and anxious to get on the road, but still I questioned, "What the heck am I getting myself into?”

Just two years prior, I found myself at this same spot, with high hopes of a great elk hunt. However, many mistakes were made that led to a failed hunt. Talk of climbing a mountain is easy, but when the time comes to do it, are you ready? Can you do it? Some of the hunting party had not prepared well and were not in proper condition for the rigors of hunting in rugged terrain.

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Finally... by Eric Owen


Eric Owen

The things we are most excited for in life inevitably seem to take forever to happen! Take Christmas as a kid, or high school graduation as a slightly older kid. And so it goes with those special hunting opportunities. I’ve been lucky enough to draw three Colorado archery sheep tags in my life, and the years of applying that led up to each tag seemed to take an eternity. On the years that I did draw, time did another funny thing…the time between finding out I had drawn and the time the season started always seemed impossibly short! So much scouting to do, so many practice arrows to send into imaginary rams, and so much physical preparation to make the most of those long-awaited tags. My 2010 Colorado archery ram season was no different.

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Take Two by Tom Cooper

Take Two

Tom Cooper

I had dreamed of hunting elk in the Rocky Mountains ever since I was a young boy. Several years ago, my son, Rob, and I decided to make this dream come true and began looking for an outfitter that was honest about our chances of success, and maybe most importantly, that fit our budget. After exhaustive research and reference checks, we chose an outfitter in western Wyoming that offered horseback hunts in the Bridger-Teton and Targhee National Forests, exactly what we were looking for. 

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What Goes Around Comes Around by Shane Riggs

What Goes Around Comes Around

Shane Riggs

As I watched the lush green grass and sea of purple and yellow flowers fly past my window, I couldn’t help but feel like I was coming home. The smell of ponderosa pine and juniper trees hit me like a hammer, and I knew I was almost back to my most cherished place on Earth, the Gila National Forest. After all, this is where I grew up and spent every year of my childhood following along behind my best friend and mentor, my dad. We’ve been hunting together since the time I could walk and I would rather have him by my side chasing these majestic animals than anyone else.

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Pushing the Limits by Lucas Sterling

Pushing the Limits

Lucas Sterling

It began with numerous pre-season scouting trips. I first laid eyes on this enormous mule deer while it was still in velvet and I knew this was the buck I wanted to hunt during archery season. After sizing him up, I knew that he was extremely close to the Montana typical Pope and Young record.

I watched the buck on several occasions throughout his velvet growth. Finally, after counting the days until archery season, my hunting partner, Mike, and I headed up the rugged terrain with bows in hand. It was the day before archery season opened when we arrived at the buck’s summering area. We set up camp and went straight to glassing.

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Hardcore Field Test

Bowtech Invasion CPX by Adam Bender

Bowtech Invasion CPX

A good bow is one of those pieces of hunting equipment that doesn’t need changed or upgraded on an annual basis. However, in order to stay ahead of the curve, bow manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries to stay on top of their game, and new bows are born every year. As such, it’s always a dilemma whether to stick with what you’ve got or go chasing the next new bow.

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