G5 T3 Broadhead

By Adam Bender

Adam Bender Reviews the G5 T3 BroadheadBroadheads are one of the most debated pieces of equipment in the archery industry and rightly so. Everyone has their "pitch” as to why theirs is the best and hunters have their favorites – it’s almost like a Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge debate. They all work, some better than others, but G5 has always remained steadfast in the broadhead community because let’s face it, their products work. With that said, the new T3 ushers in a new wave of technological development and confidence for in the field.

One thing that I’ve heard people say about G5 broadheads is that they’re not sharp enough. I think a lot of guys get hung up on this when they really should be worried about how it flies/tunes out of their setup. In the grand scheme of things, how sharp a broadhead is not nearly as important as a factor as it’s made out to be. I don’t know what or how these guys are testing the sharpness, but based on my assessment of the T3, I don’t know how sharper it needs to be.

Broadhead durability is another key component that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s no secret that companies are out to make a profit, therefore, produce products as cost-effective as possible. While this is common practice in the business world, G5 bucks the trend by using 100% steel construction on the T3 – much stronger than using the cheaper, aluminum option. If you’re going to let the fate of your hunt ride on the end of that arrow, I’d take durable construction any day over "so sharp you can shave with it.”

What intrigued me the most about the new T3 was the lack of a rubber O-ring. These little contraptions have been known to cost more than one hunter a shot at trophy buck or bull, and G5 found a way to eliminate them. They’ve introduced the new Spider Clip. With the spider clip, the T3 will function the same every time, while and O-ring breaks down. This clip is not affected by temperature or harsh weather conditions and will not weaken with time. I happen to know a few guys who fall into that category of hunters that’s vowed to never shoot a broadhead with an O-ring again, so this new technology is a welcomed change.

Another issue a lot of people have with broadheads is blade replacement. Some companies use setscrews or pins and can be quite a pain. The T3 has got to have the easiest system for blade replacement – literally just seconds to swap them out. And they even throw in some practice blades to get both you and your bow accustomed to them before the fall.

Adam Bender Reviews the G5 T3 Broadhead

Lastly, when it comes down to performance, I have nothing but high marks for the T3. Day three in Quebec found me at full draw on a nice bull at 25 yards – the use the cliché saying ‘like a hot knife though butter’ is the only way to accurately describe it. The arrow didn’t check up once on its way through the bull. The bull lunged forward, blood already visible on both sides, and ran 40 yards before slowing to a walk and eventually dropping in his tracts. That kind of performance cannot be argued with.

Front and center on the packaging of the new T3 are the words "Unspeakable Devastation.” At first, I thought it was just another clever marketing effort to push sales, but after just one hunt, I realized it was an absolute truth.