Brunton Restore

By Brandon Mason

Brunton RestoreThe modern western hunter has an unbelievable list of tools at his or her disposal. Some of us have become almost obsessed with the various gadgets and pieces of equipment that are available, while others prefer to self-limit the ‘technology side’ of hunting.

Regardless of our personal opinions and preferences, almost all of us use some type of modern electronic device while chasing around our favorite western critters. These may come in the form of GPS units, rangefinders, smart phones, cell phones, laptops, two-way radios, video and still cameras, headlamps, battery powered lanterns, etc. No matter what your poison, these devices share a common thread – they need power.

The folks at Brunton Outdoor Group have many different solutions to this evergrowing challenge. They have a line of portable power devices that fit a range of needs that the western hunter has.

While it is possible to tote around extra batteries in the field, they can become very cumbersome when you have more than one device with varying sizes of batteries. The Brunton device that caught my eye and could solve the whole battery problem is the Restore. The little device (5.5” L x 3” W x 1.25”D) weighs only 8.6 oz. and can charge virtually any electronic ‘toy’. It doesn’t matter what type of hunting you do, backcountry or weekend warrior, the Restore will come in handy to ensure that your ‘technology age’ devices will always be ready when you need them. Your electronics are charged using the included USB/mini-USB cable or micro-USB adaptor.

The Restore has two polycrystalline solar panels on it to maximize the amount of solar power that it can capture. In addition, it has the capability of being charged before you leave by plugging it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, a wall outlet, or your plugged in computer through a USB port. Doing this will give you a fully charged Restore to start your trip. The Restore unit will fully charge in as little as 2 hours when using a wall outlet, or up to 10 hours when using the solar panels.

Brunton Restore

What about durability? Durability is of utmost importance to me, as I am unintentionally very hard on equipment. The Restore isn’t waterproof, but is highly water resistant and it has a durable plastic body and a rubberized shell. Generally, my rule of thumb is the more fancy features that something has, the more things there are to go wrong over the long haul. The Restore is simple and efficient – a must for us die-hard hunters that demand the most from our equipment.

The price of this little beauty is $120; a small price to pay for piece of mind while depending on technology to be your guide where there is no room service or four-star meals provided.

Go to and click on the ‘Portable Power’ tab to see Brunton’s Restore and their full line of portable power devices and accessories.