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Mar/Apr 2012 Issue of EBJ

Live Lucky by Charley Carlson

Live Lucky

Charley Carlson

March/April 2012 EBJ (Issue 70) - Being careful not to expose too much of my silhouette, I peeked over the ridge and began to survey the aspen draw below. As I lifted my binoculars to my eyes, I caught movement to my left. There, not 50 yards away was the unmistakable outline of a huge velvet rack. There was no need to use my binoculars to confirm what I saw…this was a huge buck.

I quickly dropped out of sight by taking a knee. I felt like a quarterback in the huddle trying to call a game-winning play. It was fourth down and the game was on the line…the play had to be perfect. Thoughts were buzzing through my head. Do I stalk closer? Do I use my rangefinder? When should I draw? I knew that all the decisions I made in the next minute would make or break a chance of a lifetime.

"Calm down,” I told myself. I removed my pack and slowly crawled eight to 10 yards closer. I carefully did a pushup to peek over the rise. Again I spotted the buck’s antlers as he fed from my left to right. I raised my rangefinder and tried to hit an aspen tree that was in front of the deer. After several misses due to a shaky right hand, I had my yardage…41 yards.

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Worth the Wait by Connor Green

Worth the Wait

Connor Green

The dream of having this tag started well before I was able to comprehend what hunting was all about. In 1992, when I was two years old, my dad, Paul, set out on his Nevada elk hunt. He returned home from the hunt with the new typical Nevada State Record, scoring 393-4/8 net B&C.

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Bulldogging A Big Buck by Dakota Durfee

Bulldogging A Big Buck

Dakota Durfee

All of the adrenaline and excitement was taking control over my body and clear thoughts weren’t a remote possibility as I prepared to release the arrow. I had felt this kind of excitement and "rush” many times before. It’s very similar to that moment right before I nod my head and they turn the steer loose. 

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Arctic Circle Dreams by Joshua Pulst

Arctic Circle Dreams

Joshua Pulst

It was the last day of hunting and there I sat, 37 yards from the big palmated bull. I had an arrow knocked and my heart was beating so hard I was sure the two bulls could hear it. I had just crawled 150 yards on loose shale. My hands were sweaty, and my knees were numb from the sharp rocks. Two ridges back all four of my friends and my dad sat watching everything unfold. 

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My Turn by Travis Slater

My Turn

Travis Slater

Dude! What’d you get, what’d you get, what’d you get?” That’s the phone call I get from my hunting buddy, Jim Messner, every year when the draw results come out. The anticipation is like running down the stairs on Christmas morning when I was eight years old. Did I get that brand new bike I wanted or a lump of coal? Usually it’s the lump of coal, but this year was different.

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Work Harder & Smarter by Brian Solan

Work Harder & Smarter

Brian Solan

I'm a strong believer in the statement "the harder I work, the luckier I get.” I’m a guy who simply wants to outwork all the other guys on the mountain. I will look for the most remote areas to hunt, the hardest mountains to get into and the nastiest country to find critters. I am always up for a challenge when it comes to hunting, and I believe that a great hunt needs to hurt a little. However, I had two quite different experiences this season when it comes to hard work versus smart work. I will start with the last one first, so I can end on a high note.

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A Non-typical Surprise by Fred Gill

A Non-typical Surprise

Fred Gill

The start of this hunt found us glassing a mountain range at sunup from about a mile away. In order to make a move, we needed a southeast wind or we would push the elk over the mountain to an area we couldn’t hunt. While I was glassing two bears, my guide spotted a herd of 20 cows and two bulls. The bulls started to spar and then the smaller six-point point ran off into the pines. Eventually, all the elk headed into a canyon of dark timber. We made our plans to be in that area in the afternoon, depending on the right wind. 

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Prayers and Perseverance by Randy Elliott

Prayers and Perseverance

Randy Elliott

I received a phone call about the third week of August from my friend, Beau. Beau and I met in the gym a few years ago and each of us knew about the other from our "hard” hunting habits. Beau called and told me that he and his uncle, Jon, had seen a big antelope in an area that he knew I had a tag for. He was concerned that some lucky hunter might just happen upon this buck and kill him.

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Team Effort by Wayne Muth

Team Effort

Wayne Muth

When the clerk at the Game and Fish Department handed me the tag I had just purchased, she said, ‘You get the first one!’ I looked down and the number on the tag read "0001”, it was the first tag sold in 2011. Little did I know how the number ‘one’ would hold a significant meaning to me in just a few short months.

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Hardcore Field Test

Mathews Helim by Zach Bowhay

Mathews Helim

After hunting season, most hardcore bowhunters get ready for winter leagues to keep their skills sharp. While I fall into that group, I also patiently wait for all the new bow manufacturers to release their 2012 line. Year in and year out, it seems that the top manufacturers leave us asking, "Can they really out do what they did this past year?” 

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