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Sep/Oct 2012 Issue of EBJ

Brave, Crazy & Determined by Chase Fulcher

Brave, Crazy & Determined

Chase Fulcher

September/October 2012 EBJ (Issue 73) - Our spring bear hunt in British Columbia wasn’t going as planned. We arrived in early June, but spring was four weeks late. Deep snow hadn’t melted from the tops of mountains. Many logging roads and passes weren’t passable, taking a toll on our hunt.

Earlier, my excitement about this 16-day grizzly and black bear adventure had been beyond words. First, I would be hunting with my 32-year-old son and best friend, Dale. We had been planning this trip for almost two years, working with bowhunting consultant, Mark Buehrer, of Safari Consultants. That led us to Spike Lewis, an avid bowhunter, of Bolen and Lewis Outfitting. At last, we were hunting 16 hours a day with our guide, Chad Miller, who over-delivered in every way. I knew lifelong friendships were developing.

Each day we awoke around 7 a.m., left camp at 8:30 a.m. and we hunted until 10:30 p.m. Then came a long hike back to the truck and at least a two-hour ride back to the cabin. At 1 or 2 a.m., we’d eat supper and grab a few hours of sleep, so we would be ready for another long day of hunting.

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The Thunder Rolls by Kurt Kamholz

The Thunder Rolls

Kurt Kamholz

September came and the five months of anticipation didn’t chase it away at all. My pack mule and nephew, Craig Kail, arrived at the end of the first week of the month. I invited him along to experience the jaw-dropping emotions I felt five years ago on my introduction to the pursuit of elk. My plan was to spend three or four days at spike camp up in the mountains in an area where motorized traffic of all kinds was not allowed. Arriving at the trailhead, I was a bit disappointed to find six or seven other hunting rigs greeting us. With 30 to 40 pounds on each of our backs, off we went.

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Icing on the Cake by Doug Walters

Icing on the Cake

Doug Walters

The ever so slight whisper of my footsteps on the new snow fell only upon my ears, and thankfully not on the bedded mule deer buck I was rapidly closing in on. Helping cover any noise also that day was the wind, we all know that the wind can be the best or the worst of companions we have in the field.

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Making it Count by Aaron Davis

Making it Count

Aaron Davis

You gave all protecting freedom and I humbly thank you….Devin, this one’s for you. THWACK, SMASH, CLANK is all I heard as the bull lifted his head and stood motionless for a moment. I asked Gary, "Did I miss?” This hunt began in March of this year when I logged onto the Game and Fish website and read the words "Drawn.” I had been telling my friend, Ronnie Michael, since we put in for elk, I was going to draw a tag this year with only seven points.

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Hard Lessons Learned

Yahsti Perkins Killer

No matter how long we’ve been in the game, it’s never too late to learn a trick or two. I’ve always been told to learn from other people’s experiences and or mistakes. The advice of that person has shared with you could really pay off someday. Now, I’m not saying at all that I’ve listened. In fact, had I listened to advice offered just a little bit, my success afield would probably a lot better than it is. A hunt from just last fall plays out this script to the "T”. 

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Blessed with Blacktails by Chris Stone

Blessed with Blacktails

Chris Stone

I am very fortunate to live in northern California where some of the biggest blacktail bucks call home. Growing up in the area I hunt has allowed me opportunities to meet a lot of people which has resulted in gaining permission to hunt several quality ranches and properties with trophy buck potential. Hunting blacktails over the years has turned into an obsession for me year around. From shooting my bow year around, staying in good physical shape, scouting every chance I get, I have been rewarded with my efforts in the field. Hunting early season bucks due to the state’s regulations, the deer can somewhat be patterned if you scout correctly.

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Holding Out by Randy Finch

Holding Out

Randy Finch

After fumbling over the keyboard on the Arizona Game and Fish website with hopes of what the 2011 elk and antelope draw had in store, I input my information. I was 28 years old and I had finally drawn my first trophy elk hunt. My last archery elk hunt was in 2006, and with the draw odds not in my favor on this 2011 hunt number, I couldn’t be any happier.

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Notch by Evan Williams


Evan Williams

With the sun beating down, I stared through my peep as my focus narrowed and my concentration intensified. My entire summer had been dedicated to this one moment, this one opportunity. My finger wrapped around the trigger of my release as I began to pull through the shot. As the shot broke, my eyes started to track the arrow on its course through the air.

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On a String and a Prayer by Greg Bacon

On a String and a Prayer

Greg Bacon

This hunting story begins in 1984 in the rolling hills and canyons of south central Montana. I was 12 years old when my dad took me to Montana to hunt mule deer for the first time. My Dad has been hunting in Montana since 1971 and I finally had my chance to join him on this annual trip. We have made the annual trip together for the last 27 years and it is the strongest tradition I know in my life.

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Spring Adrenaline by Brian Barney

Spring Adrenaline

Brian Barney

Sitting behind the glass, deep in the wilderness, a couple of buddies and I laid eyes on a monster chocolate boar. The big boar fed out into springtime meadow grass on the opposite side of the canyon. It was my turn for the stalk, so I made my landmarks and started off. I quickly dropped two thousand feet to the river in the bottom. Between my big chocolate and me was 3,000 cfs of raging river. Combined with my buddies this was the seventh river crossing, so I had our system down.

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Succeeding Because of Failure by Randy Grange

Succeeding Because of Failure

Randy Grange

After more than a decade of applying for a coveted elk tag in Wyoming’s unit 31, I finally abandoned the idea and went looking for something a little more realistic. My son, Riley, and I had shared a wonderful hunting experience in 2010 in the north central part of the state where we saw some very good bulls. Based on that, I applied for the same unit and finally got lucky.

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The Shed by Dusty McGorty

The Shed

Dusty McGorty

Every spring my buddies and I set out to find those big bucks and bulls before they shed their antlers. It was the spring of 2010 when Griff Yates, Barry Johnson and I were walking back from an exhausting day of shed hunting and stumbled upon a long main beamed monster blacktail shed. It was the biggest blacktail shed that either of us had found. We hunted all over the area for a couple more hours looking for the other side. We were unsuccessful that day, but came back the next four days in a row looking for the other side. 

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The Brother's Bull by Nick Best

The Brother's Bull

Nick Best

It was already half way through Oregon’s general archery elk season, and I was headed out elk hunting for the first time this year. Until now I had been calling and spotting elk for friends. After a recent heavy rainstorm, the bulls were rutting hard and I had located several bulls. On my first afternoon I let out a bugle, which received multiple answers. My brother, Cody, went after one bull and I chose another. The bull I headed after stopped responding to bugles and was only interested in hot cow talk.

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A New Take on Hunting

Arturo Venzor Jr.

Last year started a new challenge in mule deer hunting. I went on my first archery hunt with a friend, Dillon Ham, and watched him harvest a nice buck. It placed a whole new set of goals in my mind. I wanted to get that close to a mule deer and play the hunting chess game with them. I was fortunate enough to receive a bow for Christmas and from that day on it was time to get familiar with the bow and practice, practice, practice. The time had finally come to put in for tags then the long wait for results.

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A Change in Plans by Jaris Neilson

A Change in Plans

Jaris Neilson

At the beginning of 2011, I was laid off from my job just prior to the birth of my second child. My wife and I decided it was worth it for me to stay home and be Mr. Mom. With our household income being cut in half, I knew that it was going to change things down the road. One big thing I knew it was going to effect was my hunting season. Typically my father and I will travel to central or northeast Oregon for a full week of elk hunting. This year we were going to have to hunt on a little tighter budget and stay closer to home and only hunt weekends when I could be relieved from my duties.

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