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May/Jun 2013 Issue of EBJ

Even Better Than Planned by Bob Fromme

Even Better Than Planned

Bob Fromme

May/June 2013 EBJ (Issue 77) - I have found that a big mule deer is one of the hardest North American species to bowhunt successfully on a consistent basis. There aren’t that many of them, they get a lot of pressure from hunters and predators, and you can’t make any mistakes under 70 yards. I love hunting them in the early season in the velvet when they are visible and semi-predictable, but as my business has grown I find myself being more responsible about leaving my pro shop in August. I know I am going to get some laughs from my buddies about claiming to be responsible.

Alberta has their early season in September, which works much better for me. They have really cut back on their rifle tags, have very little archery pressure and unlimited groceries for their wildlife. I missed a 195-class buck there by inches on a long shot and took my best whitetail on the same hunt a 178” monster in mild weather.

My other favorite time to hunt really big stuff is in the rut when we are all vulnerable. I intercepted a really nice buck last January in Sonora that was following some does out of an alfalfa field into an arroyo, a classic 5x5 typical that grossed 189”even with weak back points.

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Mountain Faith by Andrew Johnson

Mountain Faith

Andrew Johnson

This opening day was much different from any other year. Normally, with a deer and elk tag in my pocket, I would be high in the mountains with my bow in hand and the smell of elk ever-present. So what was different this year? Well, nothing…except that I had traded my bow for a camera and the tag wasn’t mine, but a good friend’s. The tag also happened to read Bighorn sheep.

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For Todd by Mike Hirschi

For Todd

Mike Hirschi

I could not believe what had just happened. I sat down and fell over, overcome by emotions, and was lying in a cactus. I had just harvested one of the most massive bucks I had ever hunted! I had followed this particular buck for three years and I was almost convinced that I had used everything I knew about hunting to finally put an arrow through him. I lay there, reminiscing about the journey that brought me to this point. 

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Elk Insanity by Chad Miller

Elk Insanity

Chad Miller

I was raised by a single mom who instilled in her 4 boys a great passion for the outdoors, this story is dedicated to her. It all started about two years ago when I gave a call to Darren, an old friend of mine from the Cowboy State. I was hoping he could help my buddy Jamie who’d drawn a unit down in his neck of the woods. After getting caught up on things he asked if I was still chasing elk.

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The Suicide Squeeze by Chad Cruickshank

The Suicide Squeeze

Chad Cruickshank

Finally, the time has arrived. I have been in on more giant mule deer than I can even show for. This is a trophy that has been haunting me for years and I did it. Spot and stalk. The story starts back in June. I had been hunting this area for the past three years and put in more time scouting this summer, learning more about deer activity and traveling routines than ever before. I decided that I needed to venture out of the farmland and into the forefront where the deer were bedding down during the day.

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Right Place Right Time by Jeff Nielsen

Right Place Right Time

Jeff Nielsen

Well, here I am on the third night since taking this bull and I am still so excited I can’t sleep! This story started in 2009 when a good friend of mine, Kip, invited me to use his house and hunt the national forest that is adjacent to his property. My prospects for the upcoming fall were slim and I had nothing that I could get really excited about. So I decided to give it a try and start learning a new area. The house is gorgeous, and as I get older, taking a shower and sleeping in a bed every night is a great thing.

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Dad's Still Got It by Skip Rimsza

Dad's Still Got It

Skip Rimsza

At nearly two miles away, the bull looked huge, energetically tending to his harem as they fed across the mountain. As I peered through the spotting scope I watched as the giant bull began to destroy a helpless juniper. While I was watching the show I caught movement just left of the bull as he continued to take out his frustration. It took me a second to realize it was my dad and he was at full draw on the largest bull he’d ever had a chance to harvest. Years of persistence and dedication were about to pay off. 

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When the Wheels Come Off by Jeremy Taylor

When the Wheels Come Off

Jeremy Taylor

I knew this hunting trip was going to be trouble when I pulled up to my buddy’s house and saw the gigantic load of hay attached to a .-ton pickup. His plan was to deliver the first of two loads to our rancher friends who had been hit hard by the drought. Hay was hard to come by and he had a neighbor willing to sell at a good price. The only problem was delivery, so Jeff chose to borrow a truck from a friend and haul the hay himself.

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Cat and Mouse by Richard Peterson

Cat and Mouse

Richard Peterson

Twelve years of putting in and a lifetime dreaming of the day I would be able to hunt monster bulls finally became a reality in May 2012 when I got my e-mail from the Utah DWR showing "Successful.” I had drawn a tag for what is arguably one of the top areas in Utah for big bulls. Last year, my older brother Kurt had drawn this same archery tag. We had a blast scouting and hunting; he tagged out with a beautiful long-tined 5x6.

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Roosevelts in the Red Zone by Nathan Mendell

Roosevelts in the Red Zone

Nathan Mendell

Oregon coastal mountain ranges offer up some hardearned rewards for those who are willing to endure the sweat, blood and frustrations of public hunting lands. The 2012 archery elk season was not unlike any other, having little weather and lots of pressure to offer. But for a few lucky hunters, patience and tenacity can pay off. My name is Nathan and this is my story as it unfolded this season for my friend Stuart and myself. 

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