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Jul/Aug 2013 Issue of EBJ

High-Country Proposal by Kelsie Erickson

High-Country Proposal

Kelsie Erickson

July/August 2013 EBJ (Issue 78) - We were 5 days into our 10 day backpack trip deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Our hunting area had been taken over by black bears and grizzles, so we made the decision to cut our trip short and hightail it back to the jeep. Backpack hunting is not for the weakhearted. It takes pure determination one step at a time. Trekking through the backcountry with Johnny and his brother Joe is like trying to keep up with Cameron Hanes. As a woman I have to work twice as hard, be tough, and stay focused each day. No matter what happens I know I must carry my own weight; there is NO room for whining. But, without them pushing me to be a better hunter, I would not be where I am today.

Joe, Johnny, and I literally hiked six straight hours to our jeep and headed home to make a quick stop to restock our food and swap out some gear to head to goat country! My ultimate goal was to harvest a billy with my bow. Of course I dreamed of taking the state record, but I wanted to set realistic goals. I was set on shooting a billy even if it meant eating my tag. The terrain these goats live in is the toughest of its kind. I can tell you from a six day scouting trip covering over 44 miles that these goats hang out in the most ridiculous terrain.

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Pay It Forward by Craig Goslin

Pay It Forward

Craig Goslin

It all started for me when I was a young boy. I remember Grandpa’s stories of traveling to Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and even British Columbia every fall with two or three of his closest friends on another adventure. It sounded like heaven, hunting for mule deer, elk, mountain goat, and Bighorn sheep.

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Elk Instincts by Ben Glennon

Elk Instincts

Ben Glennon

I grew up bowhunting whitetails in Wisconsin from a young age. Countless early mornings and evenings in a treestand taught me the required patience and proper shot placement to shoot both bucks and does. Since moving to Colorado in 2005, I’ve been on a quest to harvest an elk on a DIY hunt with an over-the-counter tag in some of Colorado’s vast wilderness.

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Unfinished Business by Jeremy Von Glahn

Unfinished Business

Jeremy Von Glahn

While the high noon sun was baking me I scrambled across the open tundra with spotting scope in hand. I nestled into the rocks and began scanning a few of the good-looking bedding spots. Lo and behold, I found the guy I was after. I’m not sure if it was the hanging velvet or the crimson rack that made the buck look that much bigger but I was sure questioning myself for scoffing at him two days earlier.

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Better Lucky Than Good by Jason Wright

Better Lucky Than Good

Jason Wright

For many of us, the archery opener is a day we look forward to year round. Vacation is scheduled, commitments are dodged and phone calls go unanswered. My escape from civilization usually begins the day before with a long drive to the trailhead, followed by a lengthy hike into the middle of nowhere, and this year was no different. I arrived at the trailhead with plenty of time pack in and locate some bucks for the following days hunt.

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Cashing in the Layaway Plan by Mark Scoltock

Cashing in the Layaway Plan

Mark Scoltock

Every year around the month of April I find myself poring over the Oregon big game synopsis trying to decide what hunts to apply for. Over the last 16 years I have been placing the number 199 (Point Saver) in the box next to "buck deer.” It seemed like every year saving points for this hunt was like having that special item on layaway and not being able pay it off or use it.

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A Monster Falls by Ted Spencer

A Monster Falls

Ted Spencer

Being a self-employed contractor, trying to find the time to get out hunting is always a challenge. When I do get the time I am usually pursuing Roosevelt elk or the blacktail deer of western Oregon. I am an avid archery hunter and always choose my bow over a rifle. I just can’t get over that rush of drawing back my bow on a screaming bull elk or a rutting blacktail up close and personal. Hunting has been passed down our family through several generations.

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The Mule Deer Commitment by Aron Snyder

The Mule Deer Commitment

Aron Snyder

Like most western hunters, I have a bad case of EADD (Elk Attention Deficit Disorder) and I quickly forget that any other animal exists after I hear the first bugle of the season. Now that’s not to say that I haven’t shot any mule deer, as I’ve shot one just about every year, but that was just because I ran into them when I was trying to kill an elk. So in 2012 I decided to make the commitment to spending the first seven days in a high country mule deer hunt…..even if it killed me!

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Good Return on Investment by Justin Starck

Good Return on Investment

Justin Starck

Friday evening after work, my brother Ethan came to pick me up for our first ever Nevada mule deer hunt. Neither of us had ever hunted outside of our home states of Wyoming and Colorado. Because we were unable to physically get to Nevada to scout, all of our scouting was done via Google Earth. Even after extensive amounts of time on the Internet, we were still unsure of which particular area we were going to hunt.

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Gambling on Rams by Kiviok Hight

Gambling on Rams

Kiviok Hight

In just a few talks with my friend and fellow Sitka Athlete Mark Seacat, I got sucked into hunting horseback in areas that had never been hunted by humans in Arctic Red River Outfitters’ history. Arctic Red runs a 10,000-square-mile concession near the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The area we hunted took two weeks and 170 trailless miles just to get the horses in.

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Shivering Horses & Lack of Quarry by Matt Nistler

Shivering Horses & Lack of Quarry

Matt Nistler

Spring in snow country is always a display of breathtaking splendor, a call to action for all living things. As nature becomes engrossed in its rapid succession of new life, I get a haunting feeling that I am being passed by an endless stream of runners and somehow I am losing the race. This high-speed world catapults me into a matching intensity. I would not miss it for anything!

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