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Sep/Oct 2013 Issue of EBJ

Two Weddings, Two Bucks, and a Bull by Kyle Koschmeder

Two Weddings, Two Bucks, and a Bull

Kyle Koschmeder

September/October 2013 EBJ (Issue 79) - Getting married on the opening day of the Montana general season is no serious hunter’s first choice for a date. But, it just made my season that much sweeter. Our wedding was surrounded by successful hunts, resulting in my largest Montana trifecta, including a heck of a big deer.

There was no time to make the trip to elk country one weekend in early September when work was demanding. I made the best of it and hunted near home.

My soon-to-be sister-in-law had gotten married opening weekend of antelope archery season so I had not spent much time hunting speed goats yet, either. After a few hours in a blind next to a fence crossing, the buck I had been watching finally moved in from the sagebrush to chow down some alfalfa. He stopped before ducking under the fence and I released the successful shot. Soon it was just one week before our big day and also the last weekend of the archery elk season.

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My Masters by Charley Carlson

My Masters

Charley Carlson

On the second playoff hole, the golf ball shot through a narrow gap in the Georgia pines and hooked hard toward the 10th green of Augusta National. One putt later, Bubba Watson was only inches from winning the Masters, pro golf ’s most prestigious tournament. When the ball settled in the bottom of the cup Bubba dropped to the turf, covered his face with his hands and broke down.

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Elk Hunting Is Easy by Nate Allred

Elk Hunting Is Easy

Nate Allred

Elk hunting’s easy! Well, that’s what I tell my fellow bowhunters anyway. Usually they get a little irritated. But I’m only half-kidding. Compared to spot and stalk trophy mule deer, yes, elk hunting is easy. You can’t call mule deer; believe me, I’ve tried. But with enough practice (about 10 years worth) you can call trophy elk. I ate ten tags in a row before I finally arrowed my first bull elk…but it was still kind of easy.

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Deja Vu by Ryan Johnson

Deja Vu

Ryan Johnson

In 2011 a good friend had drawn a Wyoming bighorn sheep tag and asked if I would go along with him. We had bowhunted the same area together for elk and had a pretty good idea where the sheep were located. On the opener of sheep season Matt tagged a beautiful ram that we had scouted the previous couple days.

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The Gift of Good Luck and the Shirker Bull by Doug Larsen

The Gift of Good Luck and the Shirker Bull

Doug Larsen

The bull quietly and suddenly appeared at the wallow, totally unannounced – not a bugle, not a broken branch, not a single cow. As he raked the banks of the wallow, throwing mud and water high into the air, I struggled to control a heavy rush of adrenalin. The bull’s assumption that he had the place all to himself was dead wrong, because I was carefully hidden with an arrow nocked only 25 yards away.

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The Elusive One by Randy Burtis

The Elusive One

Randy Burtis

The ice cold breeze burned as it froze our skin while I gathered my gear from the truck and readied my dogs for a day of hunting. My friend Kai was along and hopes were high for a cougar chase. With fresh snow on the ground we were excited about the potential the day held. I grabbed the final, but most important piece of gear, my Stalker Stickbow. The warmth of the truck quickly faded as we set out into the cold mountain slopes in search of a cougar.

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Family Affair by Raymond Sandoval

Family Affair

Raymond Sandoval

It’s hard to draw a Nevada elk tag. It had been 12 years since my last Nevada elk hunt. Every time I was able to get close to a bull on that hunt something weird would happen. It was just that kind of season and not meant to be. But, even though I was unsuccessful, it was a blast camping and being with family and friends.

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Coues' Deer are Tough by Shaun Smith

Coues' Deer are Tough

Shaun Smith

As I stood there in amazement, staring at God’s amazing creature I was just able to take, a wave of emotions immediately rushed through me. We had been hunting these elusive Coues deer for four straight days without catching a break. Being able to make it happen on our last evening hunt of the trip was definitely a Godsend.

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One Last Fight by Robbie Trujillo

One Last Fight

Robbie Trujillo

As I walked up the ridge on the first afternoon of my 2012 New Mexico elk hunt, I was welcomed by the faint bugles of a bull in the distance. It was still pretty early and I figured the bull was bedded so I decided to wait a little while before I got any closer. I had been sitting in the shade of a pine tree for about 30 minutes when the bull began to bugle more regularly. I knew it was time to make my move to get a look at him.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Turn in Tags by Drew Whiting

Friends Don't Let Friends Turn in Tags

Drew Whiting

"How big of a bull should I shoot for you,” I asked my five-year-old son Mason on my way out the door. I had been putting in for this tag longer than he had been alive, and would be heading out in pursuit after work. With both arms and both legs stretched out as far as they’d go he replied, "This big,” before he ripped off the biggest kid bugle he could muster. Given his 40-pound stature, anything bigger than a raghorn would fill the order.

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My First Timberline Mulie by Travis Prezbindowski

My First Timberline Mulie

Travis Prezbindowski

My first timberline mule deer hunt was shaping up to be just as difficult as I had expected. With four miles and almost 4,000 feet gained in elevation, I finally made it to my glassing location. Unfortunately, the archery season opener was just a day away and I had yet to find a buck that met my goal of 170 inches.

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