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Nov/Dec 2013 Issue of EBJ

Short & Sweet by Jerry Dollard

Short & Sweet

Jerry Dollard

November/December 2013 EBJ (Issue 80) - "Dad, which one do you like the best, the typical or non-typical?”

I can remember the question coming from my son as we would look at deer pictures together some 30 years ago.

As hunters we dream, fantasize and hope of one day taking the animal of our dreams. However, I never thought it would become reality. It always happened to the other guy – the one who for all the right reasons, ends up in the two Eastmans’ journals. But, after 16 years of applying, I had finally drawn an archery tag on the Paunsaugunt unit of southwest Utah.

It was August 19, 2012, the second morning of our hunt. Two hours earlier our guide Jeremy had dropped us off at the blind and explained that he had early season trail cam pictures of a typical buck that would score in the low to mid 180s.

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Brothers & Bulls by Jeff Baysinger

Brothers & Bulls

Jeff Baysinger

In 2005, my brother Scott, who many consider the luckiest guy they’ve ever met, drew an archery bull tag in the Valles Caldera of New Mexico. In 2007 he drew an archery bull tag in southeastern Washington that was showcased in the Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal and Steve Chappell’s Extreme Bulls video. And in 2009 he drew the same tag again!

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Anointment By Ointment by Ryan Jacobs

Anointment By Ointment

Ryan Jacobs

Only three hours into the opening day, I found myself kneeling on the edge of a 100-foot cliff with that sick feeling that comes with a blown opportunity. I had just missed a perfect, 180-inch high-country buck. All I could do was watch as the buck casually walked off 200 yards and bedded down for the day. I sat there for the next six hours, relegated to taking pictures of the bedded buck and his friends while second-guessing myself. The only comfort I found was that this was the first day of a nine-day hunt and I had already made a successful stalk, except for the shot.

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Day One... by Tim Hoffer

Day One...

Tim Hoffer

The day dawned cool and hazy and I as drove east, the smoky horizon appearing out of focus from nearby forest fires. Thankfully, the area I would be hunting was clear from smoke. August had been parched and hot in southwestern Montana.

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Tri-State Muley Trek by Brett Foster

Tri-State Muley Trek

Brett Foster

I started bowhunting in 1982 at the insistence of a good friend in Utah, Russ Bradshaw. Russ was as passionate as I am about hunting, but he was a bowhunter. Russ’s descriptions of seeing big bucks in herds in the summer range intrigued me enough to give it a try.

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7th Times a Charm by Jason Hegg

7th Times a Charm

Jason Hegg

I caught brief glimpses of tan hide passing behind the pine needles on the trees between us. The herd was moving, feeding sporadically on lush grass in the bottom of a timbered draw. I had sprinted across a half-mile flat to chase down a good-sounding bugle and now had the herd within bow range. I was pinned down near the skyline above the draw with the elk roughly 50 yards below me. I couldn’t see the bull, but I had lasered six different cows to confirm yardage.

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All It Takes Is a Wild Hair by Randy Yow

All It Takes Is a Wild Hair

Randy Yow

We were in the hills of eastern Oregon. As light started to break on our first full day of hunting, I ripped a bugle across the canyon below us. Very much to the surprise of my wife Candy and her brother Charlie, an immediate response echoed back. We started across the drainage and headed towards the bull but as soon as we got to the bottom the bull was already there and screaming like mad. The wind was wrong and I hurried everyone over to the side of the draw as quickly as possible to try and get the wind right before he got any closer.

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Black & White by Jake Siegel

Black & White

Jake Siegel

In 2005, I was fortunate to be offered a job in Oregon with an up-and-coming archery company, Bowtech. I moved from Wisconsin and the whitetails it holds, to the Pacific Northwest and its blacktails. I couldn’t think of a bigger contrast, not only for the different terrain, but the deer as well.

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Putting the Cart Before the Horse by Greg Johnston

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Greg Johnston

This adventure started with my failure to draw an Arizona elk tag, which I just knew I was going to draw. Because I was certain of my impending success, I let the elk tag guide my annual application strategy. I was very disappointed when the Arizona results were posted.

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Shattered Glass and Realized Dreams by Nathan Jones

Shattered Glass and Realized Dreams

Nathan Jones

The level roadbed of the unmarked skid road was my saving grace after a long day of ankle-wrenching sidehill walking. As I slid over the last large blow down, I wiped my sweaty, dusty brow and took a long pull of water from my hydration bladder. I then took a moment to retrace my steps on the map and pinpointed the best route to meet my father. I also marked each location where I had encountered elk throughout the day.

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