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Eastmans Hunting Journal - Major Pain The Title



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Major Pain

I slid my backpack off, took off my shoes and put on another pair of socks. I started the stalk about 15 minutes later. I slowed my pace and started glassing ahead, I had made it about 20 yards when the buck came out of the tree line feeding up the hill. Instantly the adrenalin hit me and I started to shake, I was close. I inched forward about 15 yards and caught some movement off to my left; it was the deer he was hanging with. He was 65 yards away and had his head down feeding. I knew my deer was close; I had 10 more yards of cover. I got down on my hands and knees and started to close the gap. When I got to the last piece of cover, I looked up and there he was. It was the first time in three years I had him within bow range and he had no idea I was there. I ranged him one more time and got to my knees. As I was waiting for him to step out of the bush he was in, I heard something to my right. I looked over and a small buck was staring holes in me and stomping his foot.