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Eastmans Hunting Journal - Prairie Showdown The Title



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Prairie Showdown

300 yards out and moving away from me, he looked huge! I scrambled to find cover, if he looked back, he would surely see me. A fence corner full of windblown tumble weeds was only 30 feet away and made for a perfect spot to try and call him back from. I pulled my Heads Up Decoy out of the back pack and grabbed my rattling antlers. I smashed the antlers together as hard as I could. He immediately stopped and turned his gaze back at me, locking his eyes on the decoy. He stared in my direction just as the other smaller buck had moments ago. And, like the other buck, he showed zero interest in coming back, but he watched as if he was expecting something to happen. I flashed the decoy and clashed the rattling antlers together again, hard enough to bloody my thumbs. He stood like a statue watching back where he had just come from. In my head, I was putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Maybe he didn’t want to come back to my man-made fight sequence because he had just fought the other buck off? I looked back over my right shoulder to see if the smaller buck was still watching off to the side and he was. What happened next was something I will never forget and it explained both buck’s behavior.