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Eastmans Hunting Journal - Within Striking Distance The Title



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Within Striking Distance

Within Striking Distance - Lee BlankenshipNovember/December 2012 EBJ (Issue 74) - Scouting in July and August in 100-degree heat for "THE ONE” is tough. On this hunt the usual bachelor herds were almost nonexistent. The deer were spread out and the bucks were in tiny little groups and sometimes solo. I had three weeks to find a buck, pattern his daily routine, figure out his watering areas, and find his bedding area. I was getting nervous.

On my tenth scouting trip, my father-in-law Duane and I were sitting on a ridge glassing a small bachelor herd of bucks and for some reason I got the urge to turn around. On the ridge behind us, about 1,000 yards away right on the skyline were two bucks; one of them didn’t need a second look. He was almost 36 inches wide, with a few extras. I scrambled to get my scope on him and got a short video as he went over the top. We picked our jaws up off the ground and headed in that direction.

It took us a couple hours to locate the buck, but when we did we were not disappointed. He was without a doubt a buck that I was going to hunt. My father-in-law nicknamed him "Lefty” because of the trash on his left antler.