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Apr/May 2009 Issue of EHJ

Persistence Pays by Don South

Persistence Pays

Don South

"I think you just took a Boone and Crockett ram," was the first thing Jerry Geraci, owner of Upper Stikine River Adventures, said as we stood by the magnificent ram. My reply was that I thought "we" had!

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Hunting Out West

Randy Bongard

Our plan was to spend six days in the Colorado high country with nothing but our rifles, our gear, and our food. Let’s just say our hunt didn’t happen quite the way we had planned. Regardless, the results were just as we hoped.

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One More Look

Ernie Santana

The trip started off just like my previous trip had: No luggage, in a different city than where I should have been, and with a lost hunting day to boot. I realized that I was wearing the same clothes on both trips. Needless to say, I’m never wearing those clothes again in connection with air travel. The destination was Alaska. The target was Alaska-Yukon moose, the largest of all the different varieties of moose in North America.

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A Dandy of a Bull

Roger Dandy

The year 2008 will certainly be one to remember for me; the excitement of a trip to Patagonia for red stag, some fly-fishing, and the announcement of my youngest daughter’s engagement. The icing on the cake came in May when I found that I had drawn a November elk tag for a premier unit in Arizona. I was later advised that I had also drawn an antelope tag for New Mexico in August. I guess when it rains, it pours! One of these tags had to go and it was not a hard decision: The antelope!

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Earned the Hard Way

Shane Klippenes

I must just have a penchant for being miserable. Whenever I plan my hunts, I feel compelled to find a trip that will strain my physical and mental limits, and then shove me past them. My search for a bighorn ram in Montana’s backcountry certainly fit the bill.

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The Rams Had Vanished!

Mike Lee

The rams had vanished! After a long, sleepless night of anticipation before the hunt started, we peeked over the rim about 200 yards from where we put them to bed. They were gone! We frantically searched the surrounding chutes and draws, but kept coming up empty...

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Not the Way to Start

Dave Clark

I love to get any new issue of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, but I really anticipate the annual Sheep Section. I contracted “sheep sickness” about five years ago. While out exploring the desert with some friends, I found a dead California bighorn ram. That chance find spiked my interest with sheep. After years of applying in several states, I decided to sell my snowmobile, .300 Win. Mag., Colt pistol, and a horse in order to fund an Alaska Dall’s sheep hunt.

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Tam's Ram

Tammy Coleman

Last hunting season I was able to attain a goal I had been looking forward to for several years. More than ten years ago, I drew an Idaho moose permit, but turned down a couple of smaller bulls and did not fill my tag. I started putting in for the permit as soon as I could and last year I drew again. I found a worthy bull and took it with a muzzleloader my husband, Doug, had bought for me. My bull made the all-time Boone & Crockett record book, scoring 158-2/8.

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Retracing the Steps of High, Wild, and Free

Joe Nobles

Prone on the cliff ledge and looking out across the steep, shale-laden basin, I was staring at the culmination of my boyhood dream. It was surreal, and I did not think it would really come together, even now. At ten years old, I had seen a Gordon Eastman movie “High, Wild, and Free” and had thought, “I want to go!”

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Sinusitis, Meningitis, and Big Desert Rams

Ken Miller

Drawing an Arizona sheep tag is one of those things in life that fall into that category of amazing things that never actually happen, or so I thought. At 2:30 a.m. on Friday July 25, I found out I had become one of those people who learn firsthand that myth really can turn into reality. Earlier that evening one of my hunting buddies, J.P., called to inform me we had drawn a turkey tag and an archery deer tag.

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