Hunting Out West

By Randy Bongard

Randy Bongard
Colorado, 2008, DIY, Public Land

Our plan was to spend six days in the Colorado high country with nothing but our rifles, our gear, and our food. Let’s just say our hunt didn’t happen quite the way we had planned. Regardless, the results were just as we hoped.

Finally, the day had arrived. We kissed our wives, packed up the Jeep, and hit the road on our highly anticipated, 27-hour road trip to Colorado. We were both so pumped, neither of us slept more than two hours the entire way. My navigator and long-time friend, Brad Underwood, and I had been planning this two-man adventure for just over a year. We used our MRS information, spoke to game biologists, researched area maps, looked at Boone & Crockett information, and even created routes with mapping software, try

ing to do as much remote scouting as possible. We also spent hours upon hours researching the best gear, from tents to packs to food. We had our packing list completed before our draw results were even available. We were ready - at least so we thought!

Hunting Out West

For a full account of Randy's adventure, go to page 6 in the April/May issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.