One More Look

By Ernie Santana

Ernie Santana
Alaska, 2007, Guided

The trip started off just like my previous trip had: No luggage, in a different city than where I should have been, and with a lost hunting day to boot. I realized that I was wearing the same clothes on both trips. Needless to say, I’m never wearing those clothes again in connection with air travel. The destination was Alaska. The target was Alaska-Yukon moose, the largest of all the different varieties of moose in North America.

My buddy, Manny Anillo, had warned me beforehand about the Alaska weather. Alaska can be unforgiving and outright brutal if you are not prepared. Constant rain, strong winds, and extended periods of fog are but a few of the many weatherrelated issues one will find when in this vast wilderness. My first night was memorable in that there were sustained wind gusts in excess of 80 miles per hour that reduced my Bomb Shelter tent from six feet tall to half that. I was convinced the tent wouldn’t hold. Instead it held through the long night and demonstrated to me why you should have a four-season tent and why we should have been down lower in the alders where the wind wouldn’t have been so severe. Pounding rain and incessant winds kept me up all night just trying to hold the inside walls of my tent so that they wouldn’t collapse. In the morning, my guide, Jimmy Conant, had to go look for gear that blew out of his tent during the storm. Aside from that first night, the weather throughout the trip was tolerable.

One More Look

For a full account of Ernie's adventure, turn to page 16 in the April/May issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.