Tam's Ram

By Tammy Coleman

Tammy Coleman
Idaho, 2008, DIY, Public Land

Last hunting season I was able to attain a goal I had been looking forward to for several years. More than ten years ago, I drew an Idaho moose permit, but turned down a couple of smaller bulls and did not fill my tag. I started putting in for the permit as soon as I could and last year I drew again. I found a worthy bull and took it with a muzzleloader my husband, Doug, had bought for me. My bull made the all-time Boone & Crockett record book, scoring 158-2/8.

After we had time to reflect on that 2007 hunting season, Doug asked me what tag I would put in for in 2008. I had not given it much thought, especially since I had been concentrating on getting a nice moose, but my first response was bighorn sheep. Some of our friends’ sheep mounts are beautiful, and I wanted to put in for a tag that would be different and challenging.

When word came that I had drawn a tag, Doug and I were overjoyed – as were our son, Matt, and one of our good friends from northern Idaho, Jerome.

The weekend of June 22 was very special to me. My dad, David, came in to town to visit and help scout for a few days. We did a little hiking and glassed a few areas. We never did see any sheep, but we did see some other wildlife and I was thankful that we could spend this time together and Dad could be a part of my hunt.

When we returned home, Doug had received a phone message from our nephew, Brian, letting us know that his friend had seen 13 rams in a certain drainage, including two good ones and one really big ram. Brian offered to help scout whenever our days off lined up.

Tam's Ram

For a full account of Tammy's adventure, turn to page 42 in the April/May issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.