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Jun/Jul 2009 Issue of EHJ

The Deer of a Lifetime ... Twice

Ken Canterbury

My son Ken and I had been glassing an area from a vantage point since first light and were about to leave when I thought I saw a doe just over the next ridge. We slowly eased up to where we could see over the crest of the ridge and saw a doe grazing 150 yards away.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Brian Cassium

As I sat in the doctor's office awaiting the results of the MRI on my shoulder, over a year had passed since my first deposit check was sent to Art and Crystal Thompson of Gundahoo River Outfitters in northern British Columbia. The deposit was for my 14-day horseback adventure to hunt mountain goat, caribou, and moose. I will never forget the words or my feelings when he looked at the results and said, "Sooooo...what do you have going on next year, anything important?"

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A Buck for the Ages

Jordan Fontana

As the last weekend of D7 hunting season rolled around, my friends and I were hunting the high country. With extremely wet weather and no snow, the deer hunting was awful. We packed up early and decided to hunt my grandfather's ranch in the low country. The hunting down there had been slow, and we had only seen a few small bucks. One good thing about hunting his place is that he will only let us shoot big, mature deer.

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Postcards and Prairie Elk by Darren Thomson

Postcards and Prairie Elk

Darren Thomson

As a boy growing up in eastern Canada, it was postcards similar to this from my dad’s annual western hunting trips that made me want to live and hunt in western Canada. Shortly after graduating from college in 1994, that dream became a reality.

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2-1/2 Hour Rush

Tony Martins

There it was... finally! The first bugle of the morning resonated through the tall pines like a sharp whistle-blast. This first bugle was answered almost immediately by another larger sounding bugle. I immediately headed out. What would turn out to be the most intense and exhilarating two and a half hour period in my nearly 50 years of hunting had just begun.

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The Illusionist

Dana Foster

Growing up in Nebraska generally doesn't favor opportunities for big game hunting, especially for a girl. I never had the desire to hunt until I met my husband, Trevor, who is a taxidermist and die-hard hunter. Learning to hunt with him was a new beginning. First it was coyotes, and then turkey, deer, and bear. Then we headed for South Africa. What an addiction I had found.

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The Powerline Bull

Robert Hallagan

I wasn’t cold anymore. In the first hour of the first day of the 2008 Arizona late rifle hunt, I was standing over a 421-inch, 10x7 non-typical bull. My first elk.

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Royally Hooked

Dave Bymaster

The situation turned scary fast. I was still on cloud nine after taking a tremendous bull elk earlier in the morning. Then, in an instant, I was horrified to see my friend injured by the very bull I had killed. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

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When Coincidence Becomes Fate

Garry Chicoine and Ted Geohagan

"Holy #%*," I told my sons-in-law as we looked at the photos from my trail cam. "That bull is GINORMOUS! That has to be the biggest bull I have ever seen." Brock and Dave agreed as we kept flipping through the still pictures from my trail camera. Every picture just made him look even bigger.

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