A Buck for the Ages

By Jordan Fontana

Jordan FontanaJordan Fontana
California, 2008, DIY, Private Land

As the last weekend of D7 hunting season rolled around, my friends and I were hunting the high country. With extremely wet weather and no snow, the deer hunting was awful. We packed up early and decided to hunt my grandfather's ranch in the low country. The hunting down there had been slow, and we had only seen a few small bucks. One good thing about hunting his place is that he will only let us shoot big, mature deer.

On one hunting trip, we found a shed that was bigger than anything I have ever seen before. That alone got me very excited, knowing that something that big had been on the property. All season long we thought about that shed, and where that big boy might live.

On a Sunday afternoon, my hunting partner Zach Carlock and I were out on the ranch and had just stopped to glass when I looked down in a valley and saw a deer about 1000 yards away. As I looked though the binoculars, I could tell he wasn't a very big buck, but then another deer caught my attention. It was lying by an oak tree 50 yards away from the other buck in some dry grass. The lack of contrast between his antlers and the grass made it difficult to tell how big he was.

Jordan Fontana

For a full account of Jordan's adventure, go to page 20 in the June/July 2009 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.