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Aug/Sep 2009 Issue of EHJ

Wow Factor by Jim McElley

Wow Factor

Jim McElley

As I stood there looking through my binoculars, all I could see was mass. It appeared as though the buck packing this spectacular headgear had baseball bats for main beams. Have you ever seen a buck that you knew was a shooter before even attempting a guess at width or score; one that you just know you have to figure out a way to get a shot? That’s what I call a “wow factor” buck.

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100% DIY, 100% Satisfaction by Chad Cullison

100% DIY, 100% Satisfaction

Chad Cullison

Blood, sweat, tears, and the agony of success was complete. Elation beyond words came over me as I made the final creek crossing, not caring if my boots were soaked. I had only a few hundred yards to go as I huffed and grunted on the last pitch. Making my way to the road, I was soaring with the stars for the final victory walk.

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Big Sky Antelope by Oren Dorris

Big Sky Antelope

Oren Dorris

As we made our way through open Big Sky country, a group of antelope came into view 1000 yards away. My hunting partner, Oren Dorris, picked up his binoculars and said, “Antelope!”

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Carrying on the Family Tradition by Cody Nicholson

Carrying on the Family Tradition

Cody Nicholson

Every year our family awaits the Arizona elk draw, and 2008 was no different. Perhaps we were even more excited this year, because we had heard of two giant bulls in the unit we were applying for. Arizona had also received some early season moisture and we anticipated above average antler growth.

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Down to the Wire by Gregg Kay

Down to the Wire

Gregg Kay

I have been hunting deer and elk with the same bunch of guys for over 25 years, but I was slow in catching the sheep hunting bug, even after my friend Tony Marostica drew the unit’s only rifle tag and killed a great ram there in 1992. When I finally did draw a tag, Tony and my oldest son, David, agreed to help me scout.

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The Grizzly Goat by Steve Gottfredson

The Grizzly Goat

Steve Gottfredson

When my buddy told me he had a wolf coming toward him at 80 yards, I spent the next few minutes straining my ears in the silence of the 7 a.m. stillness in case things took a turn for the worse. It was mid August 2008 and together with my 70-year-old father, we were in the middle of Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness Area scouting for mountain goats.

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Sometimes Dreams Do Come True by Jim Morrison

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Jim Morrison

It was October of 1984, and I had a bighorn sheep license. We had been looking down into a large alpine basin with scattered clumps of krumholtz for 45 minutes when a whopper of a mule deer buck appeared below us working his way up. Luckily, I also had a deer license and deer season was open, so I quickly forgot about rams.

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24-Year Dream by Cade Douglas

24-Year Dream

Cade Douglas

My boys love to hunt. There is nothing my eight-year old son Canyon would rather do than get up early and head out to the mountains, fields, or marshes to chase animals and just be out. He loves the early morning stops at local gas stations to pick up a doughnut, drink, and a treat as we drive our way to the hunt.

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A Hunter's DNA by Jeff McKearney

A Hunter's DNA

Jeff McKearney

DNA. Life's building blocks - the stuff that determines how we are wired (i.e. eye color, stature, bone density.) This hard wiring is unchangeable. Because of DNA, we are who we are until our lives wind down. After some 35 years spent in the field, I have come to this conclusion: Each of us is also wired with our own unique mix of hunting DNA.

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Brown Behemoth by Dan Helm

Brown Behemoth

Dan Helm

I froze just as the massive bear turned and looked at me. My grip tightened around the rifle stock as our eyes locked on each other. Time seemed as if it was passing by in slow motion. Suddenly, the bear bolted, coming straight toward me. I raised the rifle and fired, but the bear showed no sign of being hit.

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Coming Full Circle by Robert Shaw

Coming Full Circle

Robert Shaw

Growing up in southeastern Oregon, I had some good deer country in my backyard. Nevertheless, our hunting party (who originally consisted of my dad and his two hunting partners) had been applying for and hunting northwest Nevada since the early ’80s.

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The Table Rock Buck

Curt Theisen

“We found a buck but he’s a borderline shooter.” That’s what my friend and hunting partner, Scott Franklin, said as I walked up to their glassing point. He and my good friend, Curt Theisen, had been glassing for mule deer for the last two hours while my buddy Sean Brady and I went after a 340 bull that was bugling on the ridge across the valley.

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Ask Eastmans' Q&A

Guy, I admire your ability to go on 3-4 day trips into the high country. The only public land close to me is the high desert. How can I do these trips when we lack the water? I can’t just bring a filter and be ready to go. I can do thirty pounds of gear, but it seems like I have to carry thirty pounds of water too, in order to cook and everything. How do I get off the beaten path with slim to no water? Any input from you would be greatly appreciated.

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