Coming Full Circle

By Robert Shaw

Coming Full CircleRobert Shaw
Nevada, 2008, DIY, Public Land

Growing up in southeastern Oregon, I had some good deer country in my backyard. Nevertheless, our hunting party (who originally consisted of my dad and his two hunting partners) had been applying for and hunting northwest Nevada since the early ’80s. The good ol’ days were kind, as my dad was able to take a 33-1/2-inch mulie as well as some other nice bucks.

Sadly, things changed over the years. The quality of animals decreased and we now only draw the unit every six years. In addition, the unit now has a late season that creates two hunts. Traditionally, when there was only one season, we always hunted the last week to take advantage of weather and any pre-rutting activity. The creation of this late season posed a problem in that this late hunt didn’t have enough nonresident tags to accommodate our group. This forced us to consider a change. We began utilizing Eastmans’ MRS and our own research. The 2008 deadline was nearing and we were notified that my dad’s hunting partners couldn’t make it. We elected to put in for our traditional unit without them.

Nevada results came and we were surprised to see that we had drawn. It had been six years and we were excited to go back. My brother (who is not a hunting fanatic) was making arrangements, maps, and lists months before the trip. This hunt would be special because we had gotten away from the family hunts over the years. I told my dad that although money and time were tight, we really should make a serious commitment of time and effort to see if we could find at least one bruiser like he had in the good ol’ days. He agreed.

We elected to hunt the last nine days of the season. We drove nine hours out to camp with two trucks loaded with gear, food, a wall tent, camp trailer, and three four-wheelers to get us in and out of these huge mountains.

Coming Full Circle

For a full account of Robert's adventure, go to page 52 in the August/September 2009 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.