The Table Rock Buck

By Curt Theisen

The Table Rock BuckCurt Theisen
Colorado, 2008, DIY, Public Land
As Told By Aaron R. Coorough

“We found a buck but he’s a borderline shooter.” That’s what my friend and hunting partner, Scott Franklin, said as I walked up to their glassing point. He and my good friend, Curt Theisen, had been glassing for mule deer for the last two hours while my buddy Sean Brady and I went after a 340 bull that was bugling on the ridge across the valley.

Upon returning, Sean and I were catching our breath as we sat down next to Scott and Curt. That’s when we got the line about a mule deer being borderline. When I looked through the two spotting scopes focused on the same spot, I knew they were giving me a line. As I looked through the eyepiece, I instantly knew that it was him! It was the buck we had spotted a month earlier in the same location but hadn’t seen since. I pulled my head away from the scope and said, “Borderline 200...” in a sarcastic voice.

Scott and I had a history with the deer in the spotting scope. I had seen him while scouting earlier that summer. It was a rainy, foggy day so I never got a clear look at him but I could tell he was nice. A month later and three days into archery season, we spotted him midday lying in the willows about a mile away. Once again, due to the heat, our spotting scopes never gave us a clear view of him. We knew he had great front forks and good back forks and we agreed he had an inline point, but we couldn’t agree on a score. I had a mule deer tag, so I decided that it was a good idea to get a closer look at him. However, when we closed some distance, we noticed some other hunters looking in the buck’s direction. It turned out that the other hunters were friends of ours that were filming for some TV shows. They swore that they had been looking at the buck for hours and were just getting ready for a stalk, so we stuck around to see what would happen. Luckily for us, they weren’t able to close the deal on the buck. We knew we would get a shot at him later in the season.

There were two of us that had mule deer tags in our wallets that day; Curt with a muzzleloader and me with an archery tag. Curt had arrived from Wisconsin the night before and only had five days to hunt. I had been hunting for three weeks but had been chasing elk most of the time. Still, I really wanted to put my hands on that buck’s rack.

The Table Rock Buck

For a full account of Curt's adventure, go to page 56 in the August/September 2009 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.