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Dec/Jan 2010 Issue of EHJ

Big Country, Big Skies, and a Big Buck by Ryan Lawson

Big Country, Big Skies, and a Big Buck

Ryan Lawson

With the sun starting to fade over the rolling sagebrush hills, the feeling of the last day of the Montana deer season started to sink in. My hunting partner Toby was sitting in the passenger seat, and I could tell he was feeling the same thing.

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All in a Day's Work by Chris Renner

All in a Day's Work

Chris Renner

When Chris Renner woke up early on a September morning this fall, elk hunting wasn’t the first thing on his mind. He had more important things to do, like bail hay. It wasn’t until about 9 a.m. that he and Frank Trenkle decided to get together and see if they could find an elk close by.

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The 12-Year Wait by Troy Thomas

The 12-Year Wait

Troy Thomas

For me, like many serious hunters, the next season starts as soon as my last animal is tagged. Planning, dreaming, and wishing all off-season, I also train as hard as I can to be in top shape.

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Rainy Day Ram by Mark Traxler

Rainy Day Ram

Mark Traxler

While sitting down to catch my breath in a steady rain and heavy fog some 1500 vertical feet above the valley bottom, I had to chuckle at all those people I had heard tell me over the years that the hardest part of bighorn sheep hunting was drawing the tag.

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The Guard Station Bull by J.D. Osborn

The Guard Station Bull

J.D. Osborn

Early morning of April 30, 2008 found me dejected for the fifteenth year in a row; yet another year without a Utah limited entry elk tag. My fourteen points had fallen short. At 73 years of age, I was fearful that 2008 had been my last chance physically to kill a monster Utah bull.

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Doubling Down on Nevada Mulies by Gary Sessions

Doubling Down on Nevada Mulies

Gary Sessions

The planning for a trophy mule deer hunt with my good friend Kyle Barner began twelve years ago. After deciding on Nevada as a state to try and hunt, we started researching the different areas and outfitters.

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Curly's Legacy by BiJay Adams

Curly's Legacy

BiJay Adams

My north Idaho 2008 hunting season began no differently than any other. Around February, when the snow begins to melt, my father-in-law Allan and I roam the woods in search of shed antlers from the elusive whitetail bucks that we were not successful in harvesting the season before.

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Bear Holiday by Holly Creer

Bear Holiday

Holly Creer

After living in Alaska for the past three and a half years while on assignment serving in the U.S. Army, I have had the opportunity to hunt and harvest many great animals including moose, bear, and caribou.

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