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Feb/Mar 2010 Issue of EHJ

Dreams Do Come True by Matt Bell

Dreams Do Come True

Matt Bell

I have been told that hunting is primarily recreation. I suppose that’s true, because whether we hunt for meat or for antlers, if we are unsuccessful, life goes on. If we are successful, though, it is cause for celebration! Late in the afternoon on October 28, 2009, I had cause. I had just taken the buck of my dreams after decades of searching.

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Seas of Sage by Karl Curnow

Seas of Sage

Karl Curnow

Our 2009 Oregon high desert mule deer hunt started as most hunts usually do. After many years accumulating bonus points, we were finally drawn. Now it was time to get as much information as we could.

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High Country Roller Coaster by Kevin Clerkin

High Country Roller Coaster

Kevin Clerkin

My heart sank as the buck disappeared over the ridge. I had put so much hard work, thought, and research into the hunt, and after the shot I watched him disappear into the basin. Was the hit good enough? Did I catch liver and lung? These questions burned as I stood up to peek over the ridge. I could only see one of the bucks bounding away; the others had disappeared into the timber below...

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Sleeping Giant by Jared Knight

Sleeping Giant

Jared Knight

A 200-inch mule deer; that’s what we’re all after. I’ve hunted 20 years in some of the best places around and still don’t have one. I’ve seen more than my share, but they’re smarter than we are, and few and far between to begin with, so the odds are against us. Sometimes it’s just meant to be, though.

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Five Days for Five Bucks by Devin Leroy

Five Days for Five Bucks

Devin Leroy

I’m lucky to come from a great family. My dad was killed in a coal mining accident when I was just two years old, and my uncles have taken it upon themselves to make sure I never missed out on things like hunting. They have always been there for me, and can’t thank them enough.

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High Mountain Monarch by Jared Poole

High Mountain Monarch

Jared Poole

On opening morning, my best friend Mike and I headed out just like we have done for many years. With packs on our backs and rifles on our shoulders, we were ready for the day’s adventure. As we sat at our favorite glassing point, it was plain to see in the new snow that there wasn’t much moving around.

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3 Years, 204 Yards, and 10,000 Feet

Mark Ashworth

Three years. Three long years had passed since our last tag. I have drawn a mule deer tag every other year like clockwork since I was twelve and my father started taking me mule deer hunting. My father, my good friend, Mark Ashworth, and I put in together for the ’08 Nevada mule deer hunt.

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Quaking Aspens & Wild Mulies by Kyle Jones

Quaking Aspens & Wild Mulies

Kyle Jones

My hopes of connecting on a good mule deer buck were high. It was my third time hunting with R&K Hunting Company in southwest Wyoming in a good area. I knew my quest was possible because in 2007 I harvested a 170-class buck, which now adorns my wall - but I had seen bigger ones.

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Ask Eastmans' Q&A

Does Wyoming look at my preference points when going through the second choice draw? I have not seen this subject brought up much. I want to keep building my points and hunt, too. I was thinking of applying for a blue-chip area for my first choice and then going with a decent unit but guaranteed draw for second choice.

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