Five Days for Five Bucks

By Devin Leroy

Devin LeroyDevin Leroy
Colorado, 2009, DIY, Public and Private Land

I’m lucky to come from a great family. My dad was killed in a coal mining accident when I was just two years old, and my uncles have taken it upon themselves to make sure I never missed out on things like hunting. They have always been there for me, and can’t thank them enough. My two cousins and I have always been close, being the same age and living in the same town. We play golf and basketball together, but hunting is what we love to do and there is nothing better than hunting with family.

We had been buying points in Colorado for a while and weren’t sure which unit we were going to put in for in spring of 2009. I was reading the Members Research Section (MRS) in my Eastman’s Hunting Journal I had just received in the mail, and it had all the Colorado deer information. Looking over the odds, I found the unit I wanted to put in for. It paid off in a big way.

The afternoon before opening day, Uncle Fred, my cousin, Shawn, and I found a legitimate 30-inch buck we named “The Old Man” right on the border of private property and BLM. He was chasing does in the cedars and looked very impressive. We were hoping he would make his way onto public land.

Not wanting to spook him, we went to check out another area. We climbed to a high spot and glassed four more good bucks 800 yards out, two of which looked pretty good. We couldn’t wait to tell Uncle Kelly and my cousin, Brody, about the bucks we had seen (they were still on their way). That night we all knew this was going to be a spectacular hunt. The next morning Kelly and Brody went to an area a friend had told them about, so Fred, Shawn, and I decided to go back to the same place we had been the night before. We drew numbers from a hat to see who would have first opportunity. Shawn drew #3 first, then Fred drew #2; #1 was mine!

Right at daybreak we found The Old Man, and while it was my turn, the buck had moved onto private property. We had no choice but to move on. We talked it over and decided to head for the canyon where we had seen four bucks the night before. We passed on several bucks throughout the day - it was my turn three different times - but no shots were fired.

The next morning it was Fred’s turn first, and when we saw a good buck right off the bat, it didn’t take him long to pull the trigger. Just at sundown on Shawn’s turn, we jumped a buck and Shawn made a great shot on a nice 21-inch four-point. Two tags were now filled with good bucks.

Devin Leroy

For a full account of Devin's adventure, go to page 26 in the February/March 2010 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.