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Jun/Jul 2010 Issue of EHJ

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait by Kyler Viner

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Kyler Viner

My mule deer hunt in 2008 had a number of things that could have gone wrong, but everything fell into place and I took the buck of a lifetime. I still ask myself if it was luck, skill, karma, or a combination of all these things that allowed me to harvest the type of trophy buck I had always wanted.

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A Non-Typical Adventure by Kyle Craig

A Non-Typical Adventure

Kyle Craig

Coues’ deer are my passion, perhaps a result of chasing them for years in the area where I grew up. The area is a draw-only hunt, so it’s an annual battle with anticipation, hoping I’ll get the privilege of hunting them.

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The 30-Day Wait by Gary English

The 30-Day Wait

Gary English

A cold, stiff, northwest wind was blowing in my face as I crawled through the short grass prairie. I was trying my best to dodge the prickly pear cactus and yucca plants in western South Dakota with only limited success. My goal was to get even a glimpse of a trophy mule deer.

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A Test Of Resolve by Eric Stanosheck

A Test Of Resolve

Eric Stanosheck

We knew he looked really massive despite the heat waves that blurred our view through the spotting scope. We wanted a closer look, but the problem was we would have to low-crawl over a mile to keep from busting all of the antelope out of the valley between him and us.

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Back On The Farm by Stanley Sigg

Back On The Farm

Stanley Sigg

I grew up in eastern Colorado where my folks had a dryland wheat farm and also ran a small herd of cattle. We lived in the same yard with our grandma and grandpa. With a cow to milk, hogs and chickens to tend, there were chores every day. Hunting, however, was just a natural part of our lives.

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Last Day Moose - Times Two by Craig Phypers

Last Day Moose - Times Two

Craig Phypers

In 2004, Mark Cooper and I sat on the mountain top in Colorado admiring his nice 5x5 archery elk. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that it was time to take the next step and plan a DIY Alaska hunting adventure. Plans instantly began taking shape.

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From Out Of The Yukon by Alan Klassen

From Out Of The Yukon

Alan Klassen

When Ryan Hatfield asked me to write an article for EHJ on the elk I harvested this past fall, my initial reaction was of mild controlled panic, kind of like when that big 40-inch Dall’s sheep gets up out of his bed and begins to walk calmly over a ridge while the weather is starting to give out and I’m on day nine of a ten-day hunt.

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Middle Of The Road Bull by Rod Bradley

Middle Of The Road Bull

Rod Bradley

Like most of you reading this, hunting is a year-round hobby for me. If I’m not doing it, I’m thinking about doing it. Last year was no different, except for one thing - in May, in order to get in shape for hunting season, I decided to play on an indoor soccer team. Five minutes into the second game I heard a loud snap and down I went.

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The Bulls Of Valles Caldera by Steve Gottfredson

The Bulls Of Valles Caldera

Steve Gottfredson

Nine years ago the federal government cut a check for over $100,000,000 to purchase the historic Baca Ranch. This land with the nine-digit price tag is now known as the Valles Caldera. The specs on this property (located in the heart of the Santa Fe National Forest in northern New Mexico) are staggering: 89,000 acres, over a quarter million feet of perimeter, and valleys at 8500 feet stretching to peaks over 11,000 feet elevation.

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Chilled To The Bone by Lara Myers

Chilled To The Bone

Lara Myers

It was nearly 100 degrees outside as I walked through the door to my house. It was July 20 and I had just gotten home from work. Little did I realize that six months later, my husband and I would be sitting on top of two horses in -20 degree weather with near blizzard conditions while looking for majestic bull elk!

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Utah Dream Chaser by Karl Reinsel

Utah Dream Chaser

Karl Reinsel

I guess one could say that hunting is my passion. Before I was old enough to hunt, I tagged along with my neighbor on dove hunts and other similar hunts. When I was 13, I took my first deer in Potter County, Pennsylvania with Uncle Warren.

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The Best Season by Bob Cummings

The Best Season

Bob Cummings

Normally, I wait until June to start my exercise routine, but this year was different – I had drawn bull elk and antelope tags in Oregon. I knew I would need to be prepared for my two special hunts, so I began riding my mountain bike earlier and longer everyday.

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