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Aug/Sep 2010 Issue of EHJ

Walk Softly And Throw A Big Stick by Ty Colton

Walk Softly And Throw A Big Stick

Ty Colton

My legs felt like rubber from the now 6.5-mile hike and my mind was filled with thoughts of missing the biggest bull I had scouted this season. The chance of fulfilling my dream of harvesting a 380 bull elk had just slipped through my fingers and there was nothing I could do about it. Then, with a toss of a branch in hopes of kicking out a deer to tag, I got my second chance. Dad always says, “I’d rather be lucky than good,” and today it was good to be lucky.

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Hunting For Lefty by Jason Wright

Hunting For Lefty

Jason Wright

As usual, the night before opening day was a sleepless one for me, but this time it was for entirely different reasons. It could have been the yard sale quality mattress with questionably clean sheets, or the desk clerk at our dive motel who offered us the hourly rate when we tried to negotiate prices for the night.

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From Out of the Fog by Stacey Hunt

From Out of the Fog

Stacey Hunt

Daylight the morning before opening day of the 2009 Washington elk season found me hiking with Chad Lewis up the ridge trail that borders my hunting unit. About 150 yards below in the timber, a bull ripped a bugle in the crisp morning air, immediately bringing smiles to our faces.

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The Blacktail Legend by Mike Lee

The Blacktail Legend

Mike Lee

He was an absolute brute! In fact, brute is an understatement. Some would say, “They just don’t make them like that anymore.” I knelt down on the grassy hillside to steady my balance and recall feeling the cold, wet grass soak through my knee, but all of that didn’t matter right now! This was it!

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Making It Happen by Nathan Sorenson

Making It Happen

Nathan Sorenson

I’ve always thought my chances of taking a mature branchantlered bull in Utah were slim to none, having spent years putting all my eggs in the mule deer bucket. I have 13 mule deer points after this year’s draw and zero elk points. In fact, I haven’t even taken a spike before. I’ve been involved in a few good hunts for bulls, but just as a helper.

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The Compromise Buck by Sedley Chew

The Compromise Buck

Sedley Chew

As our 2008 hunt ended, my father, Joe, my brother, Krandell, and hunting buddy, George, all agreed that a change was in order. What was once a productive area where we might see as many as five bucks pushing or exceeding 30 inches had slowly changed into an area void of mature bucks and replaced with tons of elk sign.

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Two Buddies, Two B&C Trophies, One Day by Nick Brunette

Two Buddies, Two B&C Trophies, One Day

Nick Brunette

My friend, J.T. Geddes, has always admired the beauty and free spirit of antelope, so the chance to harvest a Wyoming antelope was something I knew he would treasure. I grew up in the rolling hills of central Wyoming and knew just how to make his dream come true.

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A Buck to Remember by Eric Jensen

A Buck to Remember

Eric Jensen

The summer of 2009 started out the same as the last six. My dad (Walt), brother (Marc), uncle (Rick) and I, along with friends Greek, Ron, and Mike were trying to draw 3rd season deer tags.

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Becoming A Hunter by Adell Bleskin

Becoming A Hunter

Adell Bleskin

To think that I am sitting down to write an article for Eastmans’ Hunting Journal is still quite bewildering to me, as I’m not quite sure how I ended up at this place in my life.

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Humbled and Blessed by Luke Barulich

Humbled and Blessed

Luke Barulich

It was 2:45 a.m. as my dad, our family friend, Andrew, and I navigated the desert trail in the pitch black, our headlamps reflecting off of sagebrush and juniper and my heavy backpack weighing on me. It was the last weekend of the hunt and I began to think about the events of the season. It began with such excitement.

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Moose Hunting for Bear by Paul Atkins

Moose Hunting for Bear

Paul Atkins

This didn’t start out to be a bear hunt, even though I had a tag in my pocket. Our focus was moose and caribou, but with all the bears in the area, things soon changed. My friend Carl and I had planned this hunt for over a year.

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Sierra Surprise by Gene Smith

Sierra Surprise

Gene Smith

While everyone claims there are some big bucks up in the high country in the Sierra National Forest, my husband, Gene, our son, Kaymen, and I went through the 2008 season and were 39 days into the 44-day season of 2009 without seeing one.

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