A Buck to Remember

By Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen
Colorado, 2009, DIY, Public Land 

The summer of 2009 started out the same as the last six. My dad (Walt), brother (Marc), uncle (Rick) and I, along with friends Greek, Ron, and Mike were trying to draw 3rd season deer tags. In 2008, I didn’t get a tag for the first time in several years, so when the results showed that I had drawn a tag for this year, I was excited.

Late October finally arrived and it was time to go! After much preparation and loading, Marc, Rick, Ron and I took off with the gear, while the “old guys” would fly and join us there. I could feel the excitement in the truck; everyone was wide awake and ready to go despite the early start.

Once in Colorado, Marc called Dad and we all met at a little pub for lunch. As we were eating, Dad talked with a local rancher who told us, “The deer and elk are down, so it should be a good hunt.”

That night we were like kids getting ready for the first day of school. All our clothes were laid out and ready to go. No one got much sleep.

At 4 a.m., we were headed up to our spot in two feet of snow. Marc, Rick, Ron and I were sitting in a spot where Marc and I had killed some good bucks and bulls in years past. The sun came up and we started seeing deer, but no bucks. Day one ended without much excitement.

The next morning we planned on making a walk off the top in a different area and having Uncle Rick and Ron pick us up. We had never made this walk before, so we weren’t sure where we would come out. We had told the guys to sit at the mouth of the canyon where we thought we would come out and if we came out somewhere else we would call them. As we started walking, the snow was at least four feet deep but covered in deer tracks. We split up and I looked at Marc and said, “Shoot straight!”

Eric Jensen

For a full account of Eric's adventure, go to page 40 in the August/September 2010 issue of Eastmans' Hunting Journal.