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Oct/Nov 2010 Issue of EHJ

How Practice Almost Didn't Pay Off by David Dukat

How Practice Almost Didn't Pay Off

David Dukat

We slipped into the area where we had last seen the buck, moving left to right through the junipers, trying to spot him before he spotted us. Suddenly, Trevor froze and I knew he had found him. I was just a couple of yards behind him, but directly behind a thick juniper and couldn’t see a thing. Trevor whispered he was right in front of us 80 yards out, staring him down. I eased a bullet into the chamber and inched out to have a look…

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The Big Seven by Cody Moulton

The Big Seven

Cody Moulton

It was the middle of September and I was on the trail again. After a 13-mile horse ride and leading a pack string into the wilderness, I finally reached my destination. However, after two long weeks of a visually satisfying but unsuccessful bowhunting trip, I had to leave the mountains empty-handed.

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My Turn by Jason Rindlesbach

My Turn

Jason Rindlesbach

I guide for Daniel Richins of Weathered Horn Outfitters in Utah, Wyoming and Montana. As such, I don’t get many opportunities to hunt on my own these days. This past year, though, I was fortunate enough to get a tag to hunt an area where I guide.

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A Last Minute Trip to the NWT by Rick Larkin

A Last Minute Trip to the NWT

Rick Larkin

After eight hours on three planes, a twohour pickup drive and long boat trip, I was finally in the Northwest Territories.

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It Might Just Be Worth It by Shanae Butler

It Might Just Be Worth It

Shanae Butler

I come from a family where the men go hunting while the women go shopping. To say I married an avid hunter would be a gross understatement. More accurately, I married into a family of hunting addicts.

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The Old Idaho Ghost by Robert Hartwig

The Old Idaho Ghost

Robert Hartwig

Daylight was breaking and I couldn’t contain a smile as I drove with anticipation toward where the old monarch called home. It was an hour drive from our house, so I had a little time to think. I didn’t get much sleep the night before – only two hours - but I felt alert to what was ahead of me.

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It's Not Just a Rumor Anymore by Terrell McCombs

It's Not Just a Rumor Anymore

Terrell McCombs

I have, like many of you, diligently hunted mule deer for a good portion of my life. I have looked for great bucks in several western states and have taken some nice ones along the way.

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A Good Return on Investment by Daniel Jacobson

A Good Return on Investment

Daniel Jacobson

With the crosshairs tight behind the ram’s shoulder, I slowly squeezed the trigger. Click! The sound of the dry fire made my veins feel like icicles. Here we were at 9,000 feet in the Wallowa Mountains after a summer of hard work, hiking 230 miles, endless hours spent behind the spotting scope, and most weekends away from our families, and I almost blew it.

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High Country Mulies the Hard Way by George Martin

High Country Mulies the Hard Way

George Martin

I live and work in Jackson Hole, where we have some pretty good mule deer hunting. I have the luxury of hunting almost every day after work and believe me, I don’t miss too many days.

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Now That's a Non-Typical by Van Franke

Now That's a Non-Typical

Van Franke

As I looked through the rain-soaked lens of my scope, I found the beast in the crosshairs. One shot from my .25- 06 and he collapsed on the spot.

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One Gnarly Seven-Point by Joe Nobles

One Gnarly Seven-Point

Joe Nobles

With every hunt, we wish for perfect weather. Weather is something that we’d always like to have on our side, but we must adapt when it’s not. For this hunt, I wanted the high-pressure system to remain and keep the rutting bulls in their groove.

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The King of the Mountain by Jacob Tidball

The King of the Mountain

Jacob Tidball

Spring bear season is the perfect excuse to shake the dust off the bow or rifle and put the glooms of winter behind you. All winter, we reflect on the previous season’s adventures, successes, failures, and missed opportunities.

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