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Dec/Jan 2011 Issue of EHJ

The Best $40 I Ever Spent by Danny Genre

The Best $40 I Ever Spent

Danny Genre

Dec/Jan 2011 EHJ (Issue 122) - In early August I came home from work and was taking off my boots when I realized I was standing on a big envelope. Not quite sure what to think of it, I looked at who it was from and saw it said “Eastmans’”. I figured it was something about my subscription or a special offer they had. I opened it up and was shocked when I saw that it said I had been chosen as the 2010 EBJ Elk Hunt Winner. 

I went through the contacts on my phone, starting with my family and then the people I work for. The first person I got to share the news with was my mom and we were wondering if this was really true! The worst part was that I had to wait all weekend to confirm it. It really was the longest weekend of my life.

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Raw Determination by Jeff Schlachter

Raw Determination

Jeff Schlachter

I looked back over my shoulder at my pal, Cody, with my eyes as wide as saucers, still not believing that we were 45 yards from three giant mulies. We had been absolutely beat up and battered for over two days, but now the payoff for all our hard work and raw determination lay right before us…

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Down But Not Out by Brad Knutson

Down But Not Out

Brad Knutson

Sitting in my office one rainy day in May, I was pondering what to do that weekend to keep myself busy. Right then my good friend Brad walked in, and I recognized right away that he had one of those unmistakable “something big has happened” looks on his face. 

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Switching Gears by Patrick Hagens

Switching Gears

Patrick Hagens

It was October 16, the second day of rifle season for elk and deer. I had already filled my archery elk tag, so I was mostly there to be moral support for my good buddy, Kenny, and his son, Lance for their elk hunt. Kenny, who taught me a lot about this area, took me up on my offer to come along and help out. My main focus was being a good helper, but I carried my rifle in case I happened to run across a big mule deer buck. 

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The Big Picture by Thor Sichveland

The Big Picture

Thor Sichveland

Being born and raised in western Montana, I was spoiled with a wealth of outdoor experiences right out my front door. As an optimistic 12-year-old, with a hunter-safety certificate clutched in my hands, I’d never have believed that it would take me four years to get my first elk. It was a beautiful spike I took on my 16th birthday and I’ve never experienced a better present. Overflowing with newfound confidence, I told my dad, “I am going to get an elk every year!”

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Be Careful What You Wish For by Mark Manning

Be Careful What You Wish For

Mark Manning

Don’t shoot the small one. Do not shoot the small one. This advice rang through my head as I prepared for a shot at the deer of a lifetime. It was the Coues’ deer I had dreamed about for years, and now was not the time to shoot the small one. The small one was a deer that anyone would consider a trophy, but the big one - well, he was in a class all his own…

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Do the Homework... Get the Job Done by Zac Griffith

Do the Homework... Get the Job Done

Zac Griffith

I first caught the antelope addiction in 2007 when I was fortunate enough to draw an Arizona Strip antelope tag with only one point. After reading Eastmans’, researching, and watching every video I could get my hands on, I felt competent enough to recognize a solid buck and harvest him. My dad made the trip down and after a five-day rollercoaster ride, we took a great 79-inch buck that sparked my obsession for pronghorn hunting.

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What A Time in 2009! by Jim Wimer

What A Time in 2009!

Jim Wimer

Of all the encounters I was to have this hunting season, one was going to be for certain - my firstborn son would be here December 1 (or sooner)! With that date in mind, I knew this year would have to be different. My plan to try and harvest an elk would pretty much be the same, but deer hunting would take me on a detour this year. Since the mid ‘90s, late November has meant two things to me. The first is Thanksgiving; the other is the late whitetail hunt in northern Idaho.

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Unanswered Prayers by Brian Babbitt

Unanswered Prayers

Brian Babbitt

Who in their right mind would say that missing a good buck on opening day is a good thing? Well, if you asked my father-inlaw, Brian, he would; or at least now he would.

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Camp High, Hunt Hard by Jim Loomis

Camp High, Hunt Hard

Jim Loomis

As the drone of the 1957 De Havilland Beaver hummed off in the distance, I was left with the solitude of the Alaska Brooks Range. At this moment, I realized I was living my lifelong dream of hunting Alaska!

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A Three Decade Wait For An Arizona Monster by Randy Herrin

A Three Decade Wait For An Arizona Monster

Randy Herrin

Starting in 1996, with Shane Koury’s emphatic insistence, I began applying for only one bull elk choice in Arizona - a unit known for producing 400-class bulls. Over the years, I slowly but surely accumulated 14 bonus points. After getting both knee joints replaced in 2009 and having two lumbar surgeries the past two years, I elected to apply with a first and second choice for Arizona’s 2009 elk season.

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Hardcore Field Test

SureFire St. Minimus LED Headlamp by Ryan Hatfield

SureFire St. Minimus LED Headlamp

 If there’s one thing hardcore western hunters can appreciate, it’s the mantra of “do it once and do it right.” Nothing can be more frustrating than having to re-buy something because it didn’t last or perform up to expectations. That’s why it’s easy to appreciate something built intelligently and ruggedly. Cue the Surefire St. Minimus headlamp.

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Skull Hooker: Mythbusters the Eastman Way by Adam Bender

Skull Hooker: Mythbusters the Eastman Way

At face value, the name “Skull Hooker” might make you snicker, but once you actually look at what it’s capable of and does, the jokes are quickly turned into, “I wish I would’ve thought of that.”

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Successful Trophy Hunter

Patience and Persistance by Rylan Rudebsch

Patience and Persistance

Rylan Rudebsch

When my dad asked what I wanted to apply for the 2009 season, I told him I wanted to shoot an elk and deer because I hadn’t taken either yet. I’ve hunted for them for a couple years, but hadn’t had any luck. My dad’s best buddy, Nate, knew of a tract of land on the eastern plains that I could hunt. We scouted a couple times before the hunt and saw large numbers of deer and quite a few bucks. I would have been more than happy with any one of the bucks we seen because it would be my first. One of the bucks we seen was exceptional, but I just wanted to get my first deer.

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