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Feb/Mar 2011 Issue of EHJ

Just My Luck by Matt Liljenquist

Just My Luck

Matt Liljenquist

Feb/Mar 2011 EHJ (Issue 123) - In early August I came home from work and was taking off my boots when I realized I was standing on a big envelope. Not quite sure what to think of it, I looked at who it was from and saw it said “Eastmans’”. I figured it was something about my subscription or a special offer they had. I opened it up and was shocked when I saw that it said I had been chosen as the 2010 EBJ Elk Hunt Winner. 

I went through the contacts on my phone, starting with my family and then the people I work for. The first person I got to share the news with was my mom and we were wondering if this was really true! The worst part was that I had to wait all weekend to confirm it. It really was the longest weekend of my life.

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The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek by Bob Potter

The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

Bob Potter

As I studied the steep terrain through my spotting scope, I wondered where he had gone. Thirty days had passed since I’d laid eyes on the buck I had named “Tall Boy”. Had he left the area? Had he gone nocturnal? Every possible scenario went through my mind, but my gut told me he was still around.

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One Sick Mule Deer by Mike Borzick

One Sick Mule Deer

Mike Borzick

Unbeknownst to me, this great journey started in January of 2010 while chasing coyotes in a remote portion of southern Idaho. That cold bitter morning sitting among the sage and lava stone didn’t produce any sight nor sound of a coyote, but it did produce the start of one of the best memories of my life.

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Big Red by Bryant Dunn

Big Red

Bryant Dunn

It was with great sadness that I returned my 2007 Colorado mule deer tag to the Colorado DOW after four years of accumulating preference points. My mother’s untimely passing was both unexpected and tragic. As a result, I was unable to make the trip from my home state of Idaho to the mule deer mecca 600 miles to the south.

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The 30 Year Wait by Hal Bryant

The 30 Year Wait

Hal Bryant

Around June of this year, my friend, Hal Bryant, began to get a bit concerned. He really didn’t know much about the area in Colorado where he’d drawn a deer tag. He knew it had a bad winterkill recently, and that in spite of that, it was still producing world-class bucks (just not nearly as many).

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Big Coulees and Prairie Mulies by Kyle McGovern

Big Coulees and Prairie Mulies

Kyle McGovern

Have you ever stood out in the middle of nowhere, by yourself, and screamed at the top of your lungs in utter joy and excitement? The sense of accomplishment in fulfilling a dream put me in that exact situation this past hunting season. There I was, alone, as the darkness took over the Canadian sky and I was on Cloud Nine!

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Keeping Hope Alive by Joebob Lewis

Keeping Hope Alive

Joebob Lewis

A couple of friends called me up one day in October of 2008. Dennis Owsley had taken a monster non-typical mule deer during the rifle hunt. His buck taped out at a gross score of 217 non-typical. What amazed me the most was the fact that he had taken this buck on public land during a general season hunt!

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Without A Doubt by Dan Raftevold

Without A Doubt

Dan Raftevold

I was trying to catch my breath and the sweat was pouring off my face. My heart was beating so hard in my chest that it almost hurt. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the climb or the excitement, but I didn’t care. I could see the tips of his antlers above the sage as he fed just above me and on the other side of a small ridge.

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Passing the Torch by Walt Holmes

Passing the Torch

Walt Holmes

As I centered the buck in the viewfinder, I knew that a family tradition would soon be passed down from a grandfather to his grandson, and I would be capturing it all on film. Once I hit the record button and made sure everything was perfect, I looked down at my son so I could see his reaction to the event that was unfolding right before us.

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Lucky 13 by Worth Nelson

Lucky 13

Worth Nelson

The second week of September in northern Nevada found my 13-year-old son, Worth Jr., and I packing for a weekend of muzzleloader hunting. It had been a few years since we had hunted the area he drew, but we’ve had pretty good luck in the past. We came up with a plan that included a twoand- a-half day circuit through some old “favorites”.

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