SKB Rifle/Bow Case

By Adam Bender

Adam Bender Reviews the SKB Rifle/Bow CasePrior to leaving for the first hunt of the year, we found ourselves in quite a quandary. We had ordered a new rifle/ bow case several weeks before our trip, but alas, it never showed up in time. So, there we were, mere hours before leaving and we had no way to get all of our rifles and bows to Quebec. This was a problem.

After numerous phone calls to various sporting good stores and other Ma-and-Pa shops, we finally found our ace in the hole. Let me tell you, trying to find TSA-approved travel cases these days is no easy feat, but one thing is for sure, the folks at SKB have it figured out.

We decided to go with the Bow/Rifle Transport case (2SKB-5014), because we knew that we’d get the most use out of one that could carry rifles as well as bows. This case is capable of accommodating four rifles or two rifles and a bow with SKB’s trademarked "bunk-bed” padding and divider protection system.

Probably the biggest thing you need to be worried about when buying a travel case is how well the case is made. There are all kinds of "preferred” constructions out there, but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some prefer all-metal construction for the added durability – the downside is that you’re already setting yourself back when it comes to weight, a very precious thing when packing for airlines. Others like to go the molded or hard plastic route – a fine choice that won’t break the scales and will still provide ample protection against normal travel abuse.

Our case is molded from ultra-high density molecular weight polyethylene. Just in case you need some validation that it’s a good material, it’s the material specified by the U.S. military for cases and containers. If it’s good enough to protect the equipment that helping protect and serve our country, you better believe it’s capable of protecting your firearms.

Adam Bender Reviews the SKB Rifle/Bow Case

Another nice feature on this case is SKB’s unique Perfect Match Valance Bending System for a perfect seal. Too often we hear horror stories of leaky gun cases and we all know that those weapons need every bit of protection from both the elements and airline workers when traveling. Other features worth noting: TSA-approved locks, nylon trigger release latches, bumper protection hardware, built-in wheels, and both carry and tow handles for easy transport.

Perhaps what makes this case stand out among the rest is the fact that it’s backed by an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty – now that’s customer service. If that wasn’t enough, all SKB ATA hunting cases also offer a special $1500 Content Guarantee. We all know that strange things can happen when traveling, and in the unlikely event that your weapons are damaged by airline handling while transported in a 2SKB-5014 ATA Bow/ Rifle Transport Case, SKB will repair or replace your weapons up to $1500.

Traveling with a firearm or bow is always a hassle. Nothing ever seems to go as planned, and whether it’s flight delays, lost baggage, or an unruly baggage handler, investing in a case that you know is going to protect your investment is a good idea. The next time you take your seat on a plane while traveling to your next destination in search of that trophy of a lifetime, rest assured that your firearms/bows are safe in the 2SKB-5014 transport case.