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Feb/Mar 2012 Issue of EHJ

Not Your Typical Day at the Office by Cody Robbins

Not Your Typical Day at the Office

Cody Robbins

February/March 2012 EHJ (Issue 129) - July 18th found me stressed to the max and sitting at the computer. I was in full stride trying to complete the seventh episode of our "Live2Hunt” series to send off to the network. Imagine standing flatfooted, staring down at a football, cradled in your arms, and hearing the thunder of Julius Peppers coming at you. The deadline I was faced with wasn’t going to break any bones, but you get my drift.

The door of my office opened, and in walked my fiancé, Kelsy Claypool. "You should take a break, Hun,” she said. "Why don’t we go scouting or something?”

Scouting? Who goes scouting in mid July? I had two options: stare at my screen and wait patiently for my creativity to return or go look for big bucks with the prettiest girl in the world. I didn’t even bother to grab my binos, as I was in such a hurry to escape the dungeon.

"Code, stop the truck, there’s one right there!” Kelsy said.

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Good Friends & Good Bucks by Ian Roylance

Good Friends & Good Bucks

Ian Roylance

I remember an article when I was younger about repeatedly hunting the same area and being consistent if you wanted a big deer. I’ve reflected on those words over the years and have tried to maintain that discipline. This season brought a mixed blessing. My good friend, Mike, drew the buck/bull tag in northern Utah and I only drew an elk tag and a deer tag. I had hoped for the combination because it is fun to hunt both species and potentially harvest both because we all know you always see big deer while elk hunting. 

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Research & Rewards by Jared Bloomgren

Research & Rewards

Jared Bloomgren

The 2010 archery season started out like many others. Anticipation was running on high and my senses told me that it was going to be another great year! While putting the final touches on my packing list and stuffing it all into my external frame pack, I once again realized how nervous I get before going into the backcountry. I reminisced about the year prior, tried to think about what I had learned and use that knowledge to improve the next year. With each passing year, I learn more and better ways to hunt the backcountry.

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30+ Inches of Memories by Bob Mustard

30+ Inches of Memories

Bob Mustard

My story starts with the decision to put in for the most sought-after California deer-hunting zone. Even with max points, the odds of getting drawn are still about 100 to 1. After the drawing took place, I checked the results online and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I drawn a tag in G-3.

Andre Legrand and I started planning a scouting trip combined with a practical rifle training session at Front Sight in Nevada for late October.

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Lion Kills and Big Bucks by Scott Watkins

Lion Kills and Big Bucks

Scott Watkins

After receiving results that I had drawn a 2011 general season central Utah rifle tag, I decided to put a lot more dedication into the hunt than previous years. About June, I decided on the area that I wanted to hunt. I made multiple trips to the area for scouting and packing in a few items for camp so that I could stay in the area for a while. Upon the first visit, I found a few lion kills and I seemed to find more and more every time. I found a total of eight kills.

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Above Timberline Adventure by Michael Steward

Above Timberline Adventure

Michael Steward

Buck fever was starting to overtake me as more and more adrenaline pumped through my veins. I told myself, "breathe, breathe, you only have one shot at this!” As the cool, crisp, highelevation air filled my lungs, I felt my senses sharpen and the muzzleloader steady. The open sights covered the buck’s massive body. My instincts quickly took over as I settled on my aiming point and began to squeeze. As he turned, thunder echoed through the basin and the smoke-filled air lingered for what felt like eternity. Finally, I could see him through the smoke. Big buck down!

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Lost and Found

Tivon Miller

Was I crazy? The anxiety was killing me! What was I doing passing on a 200-inch deer on this hunt? However, three weeks prior, while out scouting with my good friend, Jason Sandusky, we found the buck I was looking for. This particular buck had been the topic of conversation between most of my close friends and me for some time. Over the 4th of July weekend, my wife, kids and I were staying with our friends, the Moosemans.

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One Father, One Son and the Strip

Dave Miller

Every father secretly wishes that his son will share his passion, but not many fathers have the privilege of seeing it happen. A week after I shot a 121-inch Coues deer in northern Arizona, my father, Dave, and I were attending the SCI show in Reno, Nevada. The family and a close family friend were meeting in the lobby for dinner. As my father approached me, he had one of those something’s wrong looks on his face, and my first thought was, "What did I do wrong?”

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Coke Cans by Andy Egstad

Coke Cans

Andy Egstad

We pulled up to the trailhead at midnight. Kyle shut off the lights, but left the truck running. We tried to ignore the digital thermometer on the rearview mirror. The squeaking snow under the tires let us know how cold it was the whole way up the breaks. In case we forgot, the wind howled a mournful greeting and rocked the cab. We could have just closed our eyes and waited for the sunrise, but we knew the thin sunlight wouldn’t help much with that wind screaming out of the Montana flats and over the top of the imposing barrier wall that marked the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

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Hardcore Field Test

Game Bags by Guy Eastman

Game Bags

Game bags are one of those items that often get overlooked when it comes to top-ofthe- line hunting gear. If guys are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to shave ounces off of clothing, packs and other gear, shouldn’t game bags be selected with as much care? For those who are serious about strapping a pack to their back and tackling the West, quality game bags are of the utmost importance. We owe nothing less to the critters that we pursue. 

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