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Aug/Sep 2012 Issue of EHJ

The Dream by Nick Senrud

The Dream

Nick Senrud

August/September 2012 EHJ (Issue 132) - Like so many of us, I had been putting in for a coveted Nevada bull elk tag for many years. After nearly two decades, I finally drew that tag in 2011. Fate was possibly involved in the long wait because this allowed me to spend those years helping others get their elk and do some elk hunting of my own in other states. This situation also allowed me lots and lots of practice! Little did I know at the time how important all that practice would be for this hunt.

I had become complacent about actually drawing a tag so I saved up some money and went on safari in South Africa with my family. At the end of a very successful day, we were all sitting around the fire having a drink when the professional hunter, Erik, mentioned he had received an email on his Blackberry. He said the message was from John Bowlen, my nephew stationed in Germany at the time, saying something about an elk tag. I immediately jumped to my feet and rushed to see the email. It was true! My nephew had checked the draw results from Germany and emailed Eric the results while we had been hunting in the Kalahari Desert! I was elated although Erik really couldn’t understand why.

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Three for Three by Jim Liden

Three for Three

Jim Liden

Two years ago, a friend of mine, Jason Hadley, was planning an Alaska moose hunt with some guys from work and I was invited to join the team. I convinced Jason on the merits of a remote float hunt. The amount of planning, preparation and cost of this type of Alaskan adventure quickly reduced the party to three. Along the way, we lost one of our hunting party, but we were quickly able to replace him with a longtime friend and hunting buddy of mine, Troy Jackson.

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Go Big or Go Home by Mical Bracken

Go Big or Go Home

Mical Bracken

It’s the last morning of your hunt. As you tiptoe through a maze of cedar and sage, you notice the first signs of dawn on the far side of the valley below. It still feels dark in the back of the remote desert canyon where you are, but a quick glance at your watch confirms that you’ve just entered legal shooting light. 

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Not Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel by Kim Greene

Not Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Kim Greene

Wyoming has a lottery draw for a free ranging buffalo hunt near Jackson Hole and I have been putting in since 2007. They draw 15 to 25 non-resident bull tags per year and there are usually 900 to 1000 applicants. Not great drawing odds, but for a $20 fee it is worth the chance. For 2011 there were approximately 120 total bull tags and 250 cow tags. In May, I received a letter from the WDWR stating that I was number 21 and they would be issuing 24 nonresident tags. I had hit the lottery. 

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The Achilles Heel of the Grey Ghost by Travis Craig

The Achilles Heel of the Grey Ghost

Travis Craig

Anyone who hunts them knows that a big mule deer buck is one of the most elusive, secretive and downright difficult animals to hunt. Some of these animals live to be 10 years old or more without ever even being seen by a human eye. The most significant weakness of these magnificent animals, their Achilles heel if you will, is the rut. This is the only time of year that hunters get to see these solitary animals make uncharacteristic mistakes.

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The Total Package by Bradley Visser

The Total Package

Bradley Visser

"Southwest Idaho is land of sagebrush, rolling hills and not a lot more." This is what someone that hasn’t spent enough time in the southwest Idaho desert might say. If you spend time in the desert you will find that there is a lot more to discover than just sagebrush and rocks. When you head into southwest Idaho the terrain starts to look very desolate. When you dive a little bit farther in you start to discover the massive canyons and rocky terrain that can hold a multitude of game animals, one of which is the California bighorn sheep.

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The Hunt For "Seabiscuit" by Johnny Lamb

The Hunt For "Seabiscuit"

Johnny Lamb

Moose had wandered into Colorado occasionally, but there was no breeding population until animals were introduced to North Park from Utah and Wyoming in 1978-1979. The first hunting season was in 1983. My son Johnny was born in 1984 and I began to help him apply for a moose tag every year since 1996. 2011 was the first year that a single once-in-a-lifetime bull moose tag was offered in the hunt units west of Boulder County where we live.

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Sticking With It by Justin Decaro

Sticking With It

Justin Decaro

As the sun broke and began to shed light on my location, I found myself glassing an area where I had turned up some good bucks in years past. It was a week into the general archery season. Prior scouting trips to different areas hadn’t turned up anything exciting, so I decided to check out some desolate country that I had hunted in the past. I’m a sucker for hunting steep, rocky, cliffy terrain simply because most people won’t venture into these kinds of places.

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Pain-Staking Pack Outs by Susie Lambert

Pain-Staking Pack Outs

Susie Lambert

After hunting elk and mule deer in the mountains of Idaho for almost 20 years, I decided to put in for a mountain goat tag in the spring of 2010. I did not draw that year and was quite certain I wouldn’t draw the next year either, as there were only four tags available. My pessimistic outlook on drawing the tag did not stop me, however, from checking the Idaho Department of Fish and Game website daily to see if the results were posted. "Congratulations” jumped off the screen in front of me and I immediately called my husband at work to share the good news.

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A Big Old November by Doug Wesley

A Big Old November

Doug Wesley

2011 had been a great year already for me, with a nice buck from central Nevada and two central Wyoming pronghorn bucks in the mid 70s. I always put a second choice in on my Colorado deer applications, but as a resident I hadn’t drawn in some years, or in some cases hadn’t used some secondchoice tags I have drawn in the past due to work scheduling or the weather didn’t cooperate. Well, in mid to late October this year, the Colorado high country got a couple of snow storms.

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My Time, My Turn by Dustin Lym

My Time, My Turn

Dustin Lym

Let me set this one up for you. I like to think of myself as good hunter and I spend a lot of time in the mountains looking for trophy mule deer and elk. I always read, and I am sure you do to, about the guy who drove or walked right up a huge animal, and takes a trophy of a lifetime. Every time I read it I just shake my head thinking, "Wow, that would never happen to me!” I am writing you this story to tell you it really can happen to anyone and this year was my turn.

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A Different Approach by Terry Choate

A Different Approach

Terry Choate

"How many people will you have helping you?" That’s the question most people asked when I told them I was going on a bighorn sheep hunt. The answer was none. I was going alone in some of the biggest country Oregon has to offer: Hells Canyon. The only other time I had hunted Hells Canyon had been for elk the previous November. That elk trip had been the most demanding hunt that I’d ever been on mainly because of how steep the terrain is. I knew from that trip that I’d need to travel miles each day to even see anything.

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Plan B by Jim McDonald

Plan B

Jim McDonald

With the quality of the general deer season in my home state of Idaho getting worse with each passing year, I jumped at the thought of trying a hunt in Wyoming when a friend from work suggested it. When the friend had to back out due to a conflicting hunt, I called up my uncle Billie who got on board despite the short notice of only having two days before applications were due. Splitting my one point, we were a lock to draw the general Wyoming H tag.

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Hardcore Field Test

S4 Gear Lockdown X by Adam Bender

S4 Gear Lockdown X

It seems like good customer service is becoming more and more rare these days. Very seldom do I find myself thinking about how great of service I had when I leave a restaurant or store. However, while at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show this year in Columbus, OH, I experienced great customer service…albeit in another form.

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